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Breanne Butler

Pastry Chef and Women's March Activist
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Breanne Butler is a pastry chef, entrepreneur, and advocate for women. She is an inspiration to others not only because of her success in starting her own business, but also because she was able step up and make global history with the Women’s March despite having no political experience.

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Breanne has benefited from being surrounded by strong and inspirational women. When she was 16, her grandmother taught her sister and her how to make a cake. This led to her successful career as a pastry chef; she has worked as Pastry Sous Chef at the Michelin-starred Rouge Tomate, as well as Executive Pastry Chef at Facebook NY. An avid traveler, Breanne has found inspiration around the world for her innovative desserts and gained renown for her creativity. Eventually, Breanne started her own business ‘by Breanne’, a fashion and food concept that specializes in candy jewelry.

She now helps to inspire and give strength to other women. An advocate for women and diversity in the restaurant industry, Breanne has mentored many cooks throughout their careers, and has worked on the board of Women’s March to help organize almost 400 marches around the world.

    Speaker Breanne Butler Keynote Topics

    • How the Women’s March Happened
    • Anyone can Make a Difference
    • Women and Diversity in the Restaurant Industry
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