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An at-risk youth & college dropout turned award-winning educator

Brandon Fleming

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Brandon Fleming: Former Harvard Coach & Diversity Advocate. Inspiring success and scholarship for underprivileged students.

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Discover an extraordinary speaker who's not just renowned for transforming lives but also for inspiring multinational corporations. Brandon Fleming, Harvard's former debate coach and Founder & CEO of The Veritas School of Social Sciences, has raised over a million dollars, granting 150+ underprivileged students full scholarships at Harvard's international summer debate residency. Unlock the power of Brandon Fleming to inspire, empower, and drive excellence at your event.

Why you should book Brandon Fleming for your next event

  • His achievements, including being named to Forbes 30 Under 30 and The Root Magazine’s top 100 influential African-Americans, bring credibility to your event. Book him to enhance your event’s reputation and attract a wider audience.
  • Brandon’s keynotes inspire audiences with his remarkable journey from at-risk youth and college dropout to an award-winning educator. Your audience gains valuable insights into overcoming adversity and achieving success.
  • The Ultimate Diversity Advocate: Bring Brandon Fleming to your event to highlight your dedication to fostering diversity and empowering underrepresented youth.

Brandon Fleming is known for his extraordinary journey, from at-risk youth and college dropout to an award-winning educator. His inspirational story of struggle, success, and service has touched millions worldwide. When you book Brandon Fleming for your event, you’re offering your audience a unique opportunity to glean insights from a remarkable individual who embodies resilience and transformation.

As the founder and CEO of The Veritas School of Social Sciences, formerly the Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project, Brandon Fleming’s achievements are tangible. Over the past five years, he has raised over a million dollars, facilitating full scholarships for 150+ students of color at Harvard’s international summer debate residency. His expertise in nurturing underprivileged youth to compete and win on a global scale is unmatched. His students have not only gained scholarships but have matriculated to Ivy League and elite institutions.

When you choose Brandon Fleming as your keynote speaker, you provide your audience with practical tools for success, emphasizing the power of diversity, overcoming adversity, and achieving excellence. His recognition as a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and one of The Root Magazine’s top 100 influential African-Americans adds further credibility to your event.

Don’t miss the chance to bring Brandon Fleming to your organization and inspire your team with his transformative narrative. Book Brandon Fleming for your event and lead your organization to success through the lens of a true champion.

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Keynote by Brandon Fleming

The Brandon Fleming Story: A Motivational Speech

Brandon P. Fleming’s captivating story is one that every leader and every human needs to hear. This riveting, high-energy presentation has inspired millions across vast industries ranging from corporate and educational gatherings to international platforms and even federal prisons, as it teaches critical life lessons from Fleming’s remarkable transformation from at-risk youth and drug-dealing dropout to nationally acclaimed author & Harvard educator.

Fleming uses his story to help us understand what it means to defy all odds. But most importantly, he teaches about the most important part of our journey on the climb to success, which is our responsibility to reach back and pull others up, too.

This presentation will leave your audience challenged and charged, as it provides an honest and living example of struggle, success, and service.

Keynote by Brandon Fleming

Equity in Enterprise: How Equity Drives People & Performance

Companies perform at the level of the talent they find and cultivate. Fleming has earned national acclaim for making a career out of turning underdogs into global champions. As a result, millions around the world have tapped Fleming to understand his formula for cultivating talent. His answer for how he does it: EQUITY. DEI is critical for social and corporate advancement. But even some of the most good-intentioned do not entirely understand why it’s necessary, what it looks like, and how it’s implemented. This is best demonstrated through real-life experiences and applications.

In this riveting presentation, Fleming demonstrates the power of equity – not in theory, but in practice. Fleming shares how equitable leadership changed the entire trajectory of his life. He draws from his journey from being an underperforming dropout to becoming an award-winning cultivator of talent. He uses inspirational anecdotes to break down the DEI strategies that transformed his life and how he uses those same strategies to find and foster talent – just as every business leader is challenged to do.

Your employees will walk away from this talk with a better understanding of how each one of them can change the world one client, colleague, or person at a time.

Keynote by Brandon Fleming

Undoing Miseducation: The Transformative Power of Educational Equity

This inspirational presentation demonstrates the power and practice of educational equity and its ability to transform students. Brandon P. Fleming went from being a delinquent, drug-dealing dropout to becoming a nationally acclaimed author & Harvard educator. He uses this transformational story as a practical guide to equip educators with the equitable practices and tools that he once used to completely reinvent himself, and that he now uses to take underprivileged youth and transform them into global academic champions and Ivy League scholars.

This presentation addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion in pedagogy, climate & culture, social & emotional learning, and much more.

Keynote by Brandon Fleming

Mentorship & Corporate Longevity: Going the Distance thru Recruitment, Cultivation & Retention of Young Talent

The most successful companies have young, talented employees that can be groomed for executive leadership. This requires mentorship, which is critical for the long-term success of any corporation. Leadership teams understand the importance of sustainability, scalability, succession planning, but they are often unaware of how such priorities are inextricably linked to the ways talent is funneled, developed, retained, and promoted within the company. This is the process and power of mentorship.

An author and Harvard educator, Brandon P. Fleming has built an award-winning career by creating a talent pipeline for one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

In this presentation, Fleming demonstrates the power of mentorship and provides tools to help companies create and/or improve pipelines for the recruitment, cultivation, and retention of diverse, young talent.

Keynote by Brandon Fleming

Educator Training: Using Equity as a Teaching Tool

Brandon P. Fleming has trained over 100,000 educators on how to use equity as a tool to accelerate academic performance by meeting students where they are in the classroom.

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, Fleming equips teachers with over 20 standards-based tools and strategies that can be applied across all content areas to increase student engagement through social-emotional learning and culturally relevant teaching.

Watch Brandon Fleming in action

Brandon Fleming speaks at United Nations General Assembly

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