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Author of the Perfect Rejection Resume, educator, and public speaker

Eli Joseph

travels from USA

A member of Forbes The Culture and TED, Eli Joseph is a keynote speaker sought like no other. His talks revolve around numerous subjects and themes, including how to deal with rejection, performance, interviewing, careers, and job search.

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Born in 1994, Dr. Eli Joseph is an American educator and scholar. Currently, he is a faculty member at New York University, Columbia University, and the University of California, Los Angeles. As an educator, his areas of expertise include quantitative finance, statistics, data analytics, and behavioural finance. It should not be forgotten that Eli is only 28 years as of January 2023. Having achieved that academic feat at that tender age only means that he is no ordinary person. No wonder Forbes magazine listed him among the top under-30 scholars.

Why you should book Eli Joseph for your next event

  • Dr. Eli is one of those few successful young figures who have tested rejection enough. His story is as inspiring as it is touching. After facing multiple rejections, he decided to create a single-page document in which he highlighted all his failures. It’s this attention-grabbing document that prompted people to offer him chances.
  • He has a huge profile, having been featured in the New York Post, Sheen Magazine, Black Enterprise, Business Insider, Harvard Business School, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and of course, TEDx.
  • Eli has mastered the art of communication. He is articulate and entertaining.

While Eli seems to possess all the accolades any academician would desire to have, it would be wrong for anyone to think that this guy had a smooth ride to his academic excellence. First, he lost his father at age two, meaning the sole responsibility of upbringing rested squarely on his mom. History shows that Eli’s mother had to juggle three or four jobs to care for him and his two brothers. In his own words, Eli admits that he understood the art of hard work while still young.

While Joseph is currently a Columbia University lecturer, you may not know that the same institution turned down his application as an undergraduate student. But that’s not the only rejection he faced. Thousands of potential employers also rejected him. Little did they know that Joseph was a genius who would come up with something no one had ever thought of: The Rejection Resume. Ask him, and he will tell you that his ambition to succeed grew even stronger every time his application was rejected.

Joseph holds a bachelor’s degree from Queens College, having graduated in 2015. He has a master’s and doctorate in business administration from Brooklyn College and Felician University, respectively. Having received a doctorate at only age 24, Joseph became the youngest ever Doctor in his field of study.

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Keynote by Eli Joseph

Build Your Brand Through Failure

We constantly promote our achievements, but rarely spend time addressing the lessons learned from our failures, let alone draw inspiration from them. We love to focus on our personal and career highlights. However, there are some valuable lessons we can use to cultivate a productive career through our failure. As we continue to learn from our mistakes, we can use these lessons as a promotional tool to market ourselves.


As we develop a portfolio of successes and failures, we will cultivate a chain reaction. There are 3 main principles of this chain reaction

  • Rent is Due Everyday: Success is never truly owned. We must treat each goal as our landlord and the currency that we have to use to pay off our rent is our effort.
  • Direction is More Important than Speed: Many people want to become the “first person” or the “youngest person” to accomplish something but most people tend to go nowhere fast. It may take a long time to accomplish our goals, but it is important to progress in the right direction.
  • Dream Big, Think Small: We must think of the small incremental steps that are needed to complete the big picture. We can’t have a chain reaction without setting up a sequence of positive and negative experiences.
Keynote by Eli Joseph

Time is Your Greatest Competition

We are all given the same amount of time in a given day. Additionally, we have been told that we can manifest our success if we are competing against ourselves.  Through the analysis of the Yerkes-Dodson Law, the metronome effect, and stress, we will understand why time is our greatest competition.


  • Leaders will welcome new challenges because they have no problems working under pressure and dealing with tight deadlines. Through this metronome experiment, you realize that you are only competing against yourself when no one is watching. You are competing with yourself when you are practicing and training, and you are improving your skills. However, your accomplishments from workshops, practice and training sessions are meaningless if you can’t execute your purpose when it matters.
  • The greatest business leaders develop that killer instinct when they can perform at an elite level during stressful situations.
  • One of the best ways we can stay committed to our objectives is to make sure that we set a deadline for each goal. When a deadline is set, we are establishing a binding contract. At this moment, we have commenced a friendly battle against time for each goal.
Watch Eli Joseph in action

Time Is Your Biggest Competition | Eli Joseph | TEDxQueensVillage

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