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Speakers about statistics (4)

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Eli Joseph

A member of Forbes The Culture and TED, Eli Joseph is a keynote speaker sought like no other. His talks revolve around numerous subjects and themes, including how to deal with rejection, performance, interviewing, careers, and job search.

travels from USA

Born in 1994, Dr. Eli Joseph is an American educator and scholar. Currently, he is a faculty member at New York University, Columbia University, and the University of California, Los Angeles. As an educator, his areas of expertise include...


Paul Morland

Paul Morland speaks about the power of demographics in understanding a wide range of disciplines, such as real estate, health, and the economy. With a unique view of populations, he offers listeners a way to integrate demographics analysis into policy shaping.

travels from France, UK

Dr Paul Morland writes and speaks about population trends and demographics. Traveling the globe to offer insights into historical and modern global trends, he is acclaimed for his knowledge of the field. Recognized by the media outlets as a leading...


Steve Kerr

As the Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr has won three NBA titles. Away from sports, he gives talks on topics such as leadership and has been at the forefront in championing gun control in the United States.

travels from USA

Formerly a professional basketball player, Steve Kerr was appointed the head coach of the Golden State Warriors in May 2014, becoming the 25th person to hold that position in the team's history. As a coach, he led the team to five consecutive NBA...


Ola Rosling

President & co-founder of Gapminder Foundation, which develop resources based on statistical evidence and distribute freely

travels from Sweden

Our keynote speaker Ola Rosling is passionate about teaching the public how to develop a fact-based worldview. Together with his father, Hans Rosling, and his wife, Anna Rosling Rönnlund, he created the Gapminder Foundation where they develop...

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Taunton School

About Statistics

  • Author Mark Twain once described statisticians as people who can have their heads stuck in an oven and their feet trapped in an ice cube, but they still feel that averagely, their health condition is really good.
  • Statistics describe the collection, analysis and organization of data and can sometimes be, as it can be seen in Twain’s example, open to many different interpretations, depending on who is analysing the set of data.
  • There is no one-correct-way as such to interpret data, but it is always helpful to compare different statistics to improve results.
  • How do I undertake statistical research? What do I have to consider? How do I interpret data correctly?
  • Our speakers can help along with answering these questions in a general way, but also for your individual project.
  • Book one of our speakers and learn to understand the world of statistics.
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