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5-time Olympian swimmer, TV personality & model

Dara Torres

travels from USA

Being the oldest swimmer to win an Olympic medal at age 41, Dara shares her inspiring story that you're never too old to break through barriers and make your dreams come true, no matter how big they are.

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Dara Torres is regarded as the fastest American swimmer. She dived into swimming at 14 and represented her country (USA) in the Olympics only ten years later (1994). In 2008, Dara went into history books as the oldest swimmer to participate in the competition held in Beijing. What is even more amazing about her, is the fact that she did not just participate in the games, but she took home a whopping three silver medals. In total, Dara competed in five Olympic editions and won 12 medals.

Reasons to Book Dara Torres

  • The oldest swimmer to compete in the Olympics and the competition’s 12-time medal winner. Her story shows that age is just a number, and nothing should stand in your way as long as you’re determined to achieve something.
  • A renowned inspirational speaker who inspires and encourages people to keep chasing their dreams despite perceived obstacles. She is articulate, humorous, and inspiring enough to galvanize the audience into taking life-defining actions.
  • Speaks on a wide array of topics, including women’s issues, never give up your dream, women’s empowerment, and the Olympic experience.

Dara Torres is many things to people. On top of her remarkable achievements in the pool, Dara’s profile on dry land speaks for itself. She is an author with several books to her name, including Age is Just a Number, published in April 2009. This masterpiece broke into the top 25 best-selling business books two months after its publication. With the book well received by her audience, the author would go on to release yet another book titled Gold Medal Fitness: A Revolutionary 5-Week Program in 2010. Like her first book, it became an instant hit, with New York Times listing it as a best-seller.

Sports Illustrated magazine named Dara one of the ”Top Female Athletes of the Decade,” a recognition she deserved considering what she achieved during her swimming career. She is also a winner of the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) Award for “Best Comeback.”

It is worth noting that being an athlete did not prevent Dara from being a good mother and a role model to her children and other mothers, respectively. The fact that she is the McDonald’s ”Champions of Play” spokesperson in the world is a testament to this. This initiative aims at encouraging people to strike a balance between children’s activity and nutrition.

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Keynote topic by Dara Torres

Olympic motivational speaker, Dara Torres is sharing motivation for young Olympians, women, and anyone wanting to better their health and their lives. Learn how this world-renowned Olympian earned her success.

Hyping Audiences

Dara has a way of getting listeners excited to change their lives and put the work into achieving their dreams. Whether it is building confidence in yourself or building your body’s health and fitness, get the tips and mindset you need to reach your goals.

Inspiring Real Change

When you listen to an Olympic motivational speaker, you want to hear from someone who has experienced a change in their own life. Dara gives a relatable, down-to-earth account of how she achieved her goals and works to improve herself every day.

She can speak on the following topics:

  • Overcoming obstacles to be your best!
  • Age Is Just A Number.
  • How reset your goals into your 50s and still be your best!
Watch Dara Torres in action!

Age is Just a Number | Dara Torres | TEDxSUNYUpstate

Watch Dara Torres in action!


See keynotes with Dara Torres


Dara was fantastic! Standing "O" for opening and closing. Couldn't have been easier to work with. Lots of take-a-away value for our attendees...plus she is gorgeous.


Dara was terrific. Employees loved the events she keynoted and Dara was very cordial to everyone around her. I would recommend Dara to anyone who needs an inspirational/motivational speaker.

Craig Cooper

Genesis Health System

She rocked! It was such an honor and everyone is still buzzing bout it.

Jennifer Fitzgerald


As expected, everything went smoothly with Dara this morning. She nailed her inspirational speech and brought the crowd to their feet with applause- Today's bittersweet because I really enjoyed working with Dara and don't know when out paths might cross again; but if I could fish my wish, it'd be very soon! It's been a pleasure having had the opportunity to work with someone as professional, down-to-earth and motivated as Dara.

Stephanie DeViteri

Dorland Global
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