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Speed. Agility. Teamwork. The Patriots Way


Brian Holloway

travels from USA

Top leadership expert specializing in winning strategies, coaching organizations in how to become world champions

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Speaker Brian Holloway is an all-pro expert of leadership and creating number one teams. As a former player of the New England Patriots, he knows the secret of winning. By having over 35 years of experience at speaking, he traveled over 15 million miles to teach people The Patriots Way. Brian works together closely with companies such as Apple, Ford and Microsoft to make them world champions.

Why you should book speaker Brian Holloway

  • As a former New England Patriots player, he knows the way of building a winning team.
  • By having over three decades of experience of speaking, he is really easy to work with.
  • He is great with last-minute emergencies – tailoring the speech exactly to the needs of the customer.

Speaker Brian Holloway knows winning strategies. As a son of a military officer and a 5th generation advisor to The White House, he learnt from the best. In 1981 he was drafted in the first round by The New England Patriots to become their future Super Bowl captain. After his retirement, Brian transformed into a renowned speaker to show the audience The Patriots Way.

With over 35 years of experience as a speaker, Brian is the number one pick of winning companies. He travels all over the world to help companies reaching the top. As a leader in brand development and digital marketing, he worked already with companies such as Ford and Apple. Brian can show you the way to total market domination!

As an engaging presenter, Brian Holloway is the top motivator. He will make your team the champion to outperform all the competition. A great team also needs a great leader: Brian can teach you how to become one. If chaos, stress and pressure strike you – he will show you the secret of turning them into your advantage. You will go down in history as a new dynasty is born.


See keynotes with Brian Holloway

    Keynote by Speaker Brian Holloway 


    • In this keynote, Brian Holloway will show the audience the new truth. Smart devices, the digital world and robotics opened up the way to the infinite customer ‘experience’. This created an amazing gateway to total market domination – this speech will show you the way there.

    Keynote by Speaker Brian Holloway 

    LEADERSHIP requires that you call out – the CHAMPIONS WITHIN

    • Great leaders are key to a successful organization. Champions are positive and coachable, they generate energy and invent new ideas. Brian will teach leaders how to rekindle passion in the disengaged who under perform in the company.

    Keynote by Speaker Brian Holloway 


    • In the last couple years, the way people work has changed a lot. The era of assignments and job descriptions are gone – all must take ownership within the company. Everyone is obliged carry the game ball to get to win: speaker Brian Holloway will show you and your company how to do this.
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