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Philanthropist shares an inspiring story about overcoming domestic violence

Michelle Jewsbury

travels from USA

Inspirational speaker and advocate for victims of domestic abuse, uses her nonprofit to reach victims across the globe with hope and encouragement for overcoming the cycle of violence.

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Michelle Jewsbury inspires her listeners to overcome failure and break free from the cycle of abuse. She travels the globe to end domestic violence. After overcoming her own painful experience, she reaches out to women who are caught in a horrific cycle to show that there is a way out. In 2017, Michelle founded a nonprofit, which focuses on encouraging victims to speak up and break free. She's also published a deeply personal and inspirational memoir about overcoming her own domestic violence experience, entitled "But I Love Him".

Why select keynote speaker Michelle Jewsbury

  • Audiences are inspired by Jewsbury’s inspirational, true story about overcoming the cycle of domestic violence.
  • Her presentation encourages domestic violence victims to get out of the situation. Jewsbury provides practical tools and strategies for overcoming obstacles and challenges, which are applicable for a wide range of audiences.
  • Jewsbury’s memoir, But I Love Him is a poignant but painful true story about how she escaped the cycle of domestic abuse. Encouraging others in the same predicament, she offers a free digital download of her memoir to those who text OBSTACLES at 267-86.

Author, philanthropist, and domestic abuse survivor Michelle Jewsbury captivates audiences with her story of overcoming the horrific cycle of abuse, which face many women. Her personal, heartfelt memoir, But I Love Him is an inspirational true story about how she overcame domestic violence.

In 2017, she founded Unsilenced Voices, a nonprofit focusing on encouraging women to face fear and speak out to break free from abuse. She has spoken at more than 250 events to share her own experience and offer motivation to those in need. Michelle creates moments of reflection and transformation, which leaves listeners inspired to create a new life experience.

Traveling across the globe to inspire audiences and encourage victims to break free, Jewsbury has committed her life to the cause by working with vital partners, fundraising, and speaking out to raise global awareness about domestic violence.

Her keynotes address women’s empowerment, trauma, narcissism, domestic violence, and international aid. Recognizing domestic violence as a global threat, Jewsbury offers a practical approach to inspiring change internationally. Unsilenced Voices’ mission is to build shelters for victims of abuse, and the organization works in Ghana and Sierre Leone offering medical, legal, and counseling assistance to victims. The nonprofit also provides services to victims in the Los Angeles area.

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Speaker Michelle Jewsbury keynote topics

Michelle Jewsbury is an innovator with a remarkable ability to use her story to help others navigate through life.  Michelle has had numerous appearances on talk shows, speaking engagements and workshops and has led multiple seminars on the harsh reality of violence against women and gender-equality.  She was recently featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and KTLA.

Her speaking topics includes:

  • Inspiration/Motivation.
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Women’s Empowerment.
  • Trauma.
  • Trafficking.
  • Sexual Abuse.
  • International Aid.
  • Personal Development and Recovery.
  • Overcoming Obstacles.


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I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and also a mentor and certified counselor for Women of Domestic Violence, although I’ve done work on my own healing evidently there were still some areas of my life I had not dealt with. Michelle Jewsbury helped through more healing steps through her programs she offers online. Michelle gently guided me and walked me through the steps I needed. I’m so thankful and would highly recommend her programs to any women seeking assistance with Domestic Violence matters.

Martha Lazo-Munoz

CEO/FONDER Women’s Legacy of Hope

Michelle’s powerful story is one of grace and triumph through one of the worst situations imaginable. It freed a lot of people to open up and begin their journey of healing.

Bret Lewis

This program has helped me make meaningful connections with some of my struggles and provided strategies, tools and support in addressing those.

Vanessa Briones
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