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Neuroscience of Winning Strategies

Jes Buster Madsen

travels from Denmark

Unlock high-performance decision making with Jes Buster Madsen, blending neuroscience and football expertise. Elevate your team's strategic thinking.

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Discover the game-changing brilliance of Jes Buster Madsen, where neuroscience meets elite football strategy. In his dynamic keynote presentations, Jes reveals the secrets of high-performance decision-making, empowering your team to excel under pressure. With a unique blend of philosophy, science, and football expertise. Unleash your team's full potential and equip them with the tools to make winning decisions. Book Jes Buster Madsen today and step into a world of elevated performance and strategic excellence.

Why you should book Jes Buster Madsen for your next event

  • Unlock Elite Decision-Making: Gain a competitive edge with Jes Buster Madsen’s expertise in neuroscience and football strategy, providing your team with the tools to make high-stakes decisions like champions.
  • Inspiring Storytelling: Engage and motivate your team with Jes’s captivating narratives, making learning enjoyable and memorable for lasting impact.
  • Neuroscience Pioneer: Jes’s work has gained recognition at the intersection of neuroscience and sports, offering a competitive advantage by bringing cutting-edge science to your team’s decision-making strategies.

Jes Buster Madsen is a distinguished figure renowned for his exceptional contributions at the intersection of philosophy, neuroscience, and professional football. With a professional background in neuroscience research and a notable tenure as the Head of Research and Development at Scandinavia’s most illustrious football club, F.C. Copenhagen, Jes stands as a luminary in the fields of high-performance decision-making and creative problem-solving.

Jes Buster Madsen’s career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge. His work in neuroscience has resulted in groundbreaking insights into the cognitive and perceptual functions that underpin quality decision-making under the intense pressure of elite football. This unique cognitive model has not only revolutionized the way football teams approach strategy but also holds valuable applications in various other domains and work settings where decision-making is paramount.

As a published fiction author with two novels to his name, Jes brings a narrative flair to his work, which shines through in his keynote speaking engagements. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, captivating audiences with his storytelling prowess and a deep dive into the world of neuroscience, philosophy, and football.

Organizations seeking to harness the power of Jes Buster Madsen’s expertise can book him as a keynote speaker. His keynotes are more than just presentations; they are transformative experiences that equip teams with practical guidelines for making better decisions, fostering innovation, and achieving peak performance. Jes’s ability to bridge the gaps between science, philosophy, and real-world success makes him the ideal choice to inspire and empower your organization.

For those looking to elevate their team’s decision-making capabilities, unlock creative solutions, and gain a competitive edge, booking Jes Buster Madsen is the key to unlocking the full potential of your organization. With his wealth of knowledge, accomplishments, and captivating storytelling, Jes Buster Madsen booking promises to be a decision that leads to lasting positive change and success.

See keynotes with Jes Buster Madsen
Keynote by speaker Jes Buster Madsen

Football and the brain

What are the cognitive processes involved in playing football? In this keynote Jes gives an inspiring introduction to the neuroscience of football using several video-examples and research results. The keynote also highlights the processes involved in decision making under pressure, and gives practical advice on how to perform your maximum in a tense environment.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Understand the cognition of elite football players
  • Utilize the neuroscience strategies of high performance 
  • Understand the factors influencing decision making under pressure
Keynote by speaker Jes Buster Madsen

Creativity – insights from neuroscience

In this keynote, Jes will give an introduction to creativity as a scientific concept and how the phenomenon has been studied over the last hundred years. Additionally, Jes will give a theoretical introduction to the brain processes underlying creativity and make suggestions to how to increase your creative productivity.  

Audience Takeaways:

  • Gain higher understanding of creativity as a phenomenon
  • Understand the brain processes underlying creativity
  • Gain easy applicable guidelines for increasing creativity
Keynote by speaker Jes Buster Madsen

Decision making – insights from neuroscience and elite football

In this keynote, Jes will give a introduction to the brain processes underlying decision making in humans, with a special emphasis on sports performance. In football, millions of decisions are made in every game, and one wrong decision can be detrimental to the teams results, it is therefore of high importance to make quality decisions. Understanding the brain processes underlying decision making, is therefore essential for high performance. 

Audience Takeaways:

  • Understand the psychology and neuroscience of decision making
  • Get an insight into decision making in sports and under pressure
  • Get concrete guidelines for optimizing decision making
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