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The James Bond of Motivational Speaking


Kenyon Salo

travels from USA

Inspirational and energetic speaker who helps people live a more fulfilled life through "The Bucket List Life"

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Dynamic speaker Kenyon Salo specializes in motivation and inspiration through his three-step framework “The Bucket List Life”. Kenyon is a sought-after speaker who leaves the audience feeling inspired and ready to live life to the fullest and go after their goals.

Why you should book speaker Kenyon Salo

  • Kenyon has over 20 years of experience in public speaking and sharing his powerful message. He is a natural storyteller and his confidence and charisma shines through on stage.
  • His strong content creates the perfect opening or closing keynote to your event. Kenyon makes people laugh and cry but most importantly, he empowers and inspires people to reach their goals.
  • Although Kenyon focuses on motivation and inspiration, his three-step framework can be tailored to topics like sales, teamwork, leadership and customer-service with great results!

Keynote speaker Kenyon Salo has been called the James Bond of motivational speaking. Just like James Bond, Kenyon is confident, pays attention to detail and connects deeply with his audience. Kenyon has a unique energy that will empower everyone in the audience. He is a true adventurer and world traveller who has over 6000 skydives under his belt. Kenyon discovered that the secret to personal and professional success is to live life to its fullest – and that’s exactly what he teaches when he’s on stage.

As a speaker Kenyon Salo is thought-provoking and engaging. Kenyon is also a professional trainer for other speakers who wish to take their presentation to the next level. A presentation with Kenyon is guaranteed to be of excellent quality with unique and life-changing content. Kenyon is deeply professional in everything that he does and he always gives 110%.

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Keynote by speaker Kenyon Salo

”The Bucket List Life” – Create More Experiences, Share More Stories, and Live More Fulfilled!

  • This powerful opening or closing keynote guides you through the three concepts to “The Bucket List Life”. Kenyon shares his secrets to living life to the fullest and feeling fulfilled in your personal and professional life.
  • Kenyon keeps everyone engaged through personal stories and inspiring life lessons. As the James Bond of motivational speaking, keynote speaker Kenyon Salo gives the audience a thought-provoking and completely life-changing experience.
  • This keynote can be tailored to your specific challenges and type of audience. Whether it’s an event related to sales, leadership, customer-service or something completely different, it all comes down to feeling motivated and inspired to do your part. You will learn practical tools and strategies to be the very best version of yourself – everyday.
Breakout session by speaker Kenyon Salo

How To Breakthrough And Become A Checklist Destroyer

  • This build-on breakout session is perfect for those who just can’t get enough of Kenyon’s powerful thoughts. This session is an expansion of the “Ladder Piece” as presented in his main keynote.
  • Kenyon shares important skill sets that can help you personally and professionally. You will get the extra tools and strategies needed to take actionable steps towards living your best life. This add-on is full of interactive and powerful learning experiences.
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See keynotes with Kenyon Salo
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