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Chris Westfall

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Business coach and high energy keynote speaker providing fresh ideas and action plans for innovation

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High impact, high energy speaker Chris Westfall is an award-winning pitch coach, US National Elevator Pitch Champion and former Fortune 100 company executive. His keynote presentations help organizations learn techniques for authentic persuasion. Book keynote speaker Chris Westfall for some fresh ideas and an action plan for innovation.

People, Performance and Profitability. Chris Westfall’s innovative strategies on leadership communication have enabled him to create multi-million dollar revenue streams for companies on four continents!

Before becoming a full-time business coach, author and keynote speaker Chris Westfall worked at Fortune 100 companies and held various executive leadership roles in sales and marketing. His experiences have clearly taught him a thing or two – as his strategies have created multi-million dollar results across a wide variety of industries.

Chris Westfall has been featured on CNN, ABC NEWS, NBC as well in ENTREPRENEUR, FORBES, SUCCESS and many other other media outlets. He is the author of several books including BulletProof Branding, The NEW Elevator Pitch and The Millennial CEO.

As an Award-Winning Coach to clients on Shark Tank & Dragons Den, as well as the US National Elevator Pitch Champion, keynote speaker Chris Westfall is an expert on working with teams that need to pitch to tough audiences when the stakes are high. What’s more, he’s the producer and co-host of “The 118 Pitch Course” and an award-winning instructor at a top 10 MBA program.

Chris changes the conversation. His engaging and inspiring talks will help you achieve success in your business.

Why Hire Chris Westfall
• Growth & Leadership
• BulletProof Branding
• Sales Kick-Offs
• Company Transformation
• Cross Culture & Generations Teamwork

See keynotes with Chris Westfall

    Keynote by Speaker Chris Westfall


    Understand the secrets, science and psychology behind authentic persuasion. Discover how to bring your credibility to life, create new levels of engagement, and drive new levels of performance in this unforgettable keynote. Make a memory for your event, with CONVERSATIONAL LEADERSHIP – the interactive keynote that leaves every audience member with clear and actionable guidance on new levels of impact.

    • Authenticity: explained, explored and delivered
    • Understanding that peak performance is never more than one conversation away
    • Unlock your true credibility
    • Uncover your vision and discover where innovation really comes from


    Keynote by Speaker Chris Westfall


    The only language you need to know, to change your results. Especially powerful for cross-generational audiences (Millennials, Boomers, GenX). Designed to help actual and aspirational leaders to connect, collaborate and create new outcomes immediately.

    • Cross-Generational strategies for collaboration, connection and impact
    • Immediate insight into what separates teams from their goals, and from one another
    • Cautionary tales that crush complacency and inspire brave action.


    Keynote by Speaker Chris Westfall


    The first step in creating a powerful partnership: your story. Find out how to drive the connections you need, without feeling push-y, sales-y, or fake. Interactive insights into a new kind of “elevator speech”, so you can create new results (even if you take the stairs).

    • Storytelling strategies for creating a new kind of conversation
    • The science and engineering behind influence and persuasion
    • Powerful sales techniques, especially engineered for non-sellers
    • Be more concise, more precise, and more compelling in your next conversation, presentation or pitch


    Keynote by Speaker Chris Westfall


    Bring your brand message to life, with strategic guidance on the biggest promise you can deliver. If people don’t get your brand, how do you get their business? From an internal perspective (hiring and culture) to external (traditional sales and marketing) this keynote provides insights into employee engagement, employee retention, attraction and customer loyalty.

    • New ideas on what your brand is really all about
    • Listening strategies
    • Breakthrough engagement and connection, both internally and externally
    • Renewed commitment to current branding initiatives
    • Transfer of marketing messages into actionable results for sales team members
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