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Digital transformation expert explores and explains ecosystem development

Dado Van Peteghem

travels from Belgium, UAE

As the founding partner for advisory firm Scopernia, Dado gives listeners valuable tools for ecosystems, digital transformation, and relationship management.

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As a digital transformation expert, Dado Van Peteghem has spent more than a decade of his life helping corporations to strategize and implement smart ecosystems throughout the Middle East and Europe. He uses his platform to provide valuable information to corporations, entrepreneurs, and organizations about the digital landscape's power to transform strategy and innovation within a business structure. For more than a decade, Dado continues to guide clients and audiences in building effective ecosystems to engage internal and external audiences.

Why select keynote speaker Dado Van Peteghem

  • His presentation offers listeners the tools for creating effective internal digital landscapes for engaging stakeholders and sparking extraordinary productivity.
  • Audiences appreciate Dado’s insightful guidance on developing strong ecosystems. He breaks down information into simple terms to allow listeners to fully grasp the techniques for developing innovative digital strategies. Working to develop innovation with business owners, psychologists, and academicians, he keeps audiences up to date on new approaches to digital transformation.
  • Dado’s best-selling book, Digital Transformation, is popular worldwide with more than 50,000 copies sold.

Dado Van Peteghem has committed himself to helping others create effective strategies for building dynamic ecosystems. With an eye on the future of digital transformation, he offers invaluable insights to audiences seeking to engage internal and external stakeholders. His full-proof guidance helps businesses create innovative ways to manage digital properties. Leveraging his experience in digital transformation, he shares insights, information, and consultation to global audiences.

As a prolific lecturer and speaker, Dado travels throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Europe to guide audiences in practical strategies for developing innovative digital landscapes. As the co-founder of Speakersbase, he recognizes the transformative power of aligning iconic speakers with the audiences who will benefit from insights about the digital world. Dado accepts more than 100 speaking engagements every year. His own unique topics offer creative ways for leaders to positively impact business by leveraging the expansive global digital landscape.

Dado is an entrepreneur at heart and is the founding partner for Scopernia, an advisory firm and also co-founder for Social Seeder. As an author, Dado’s knowledge about digital innovation enthralls readers who appreciate the insights shared in these three books: “Digital Transformation,” “Metasystems,” and “Corporate Venturing.” He studied at University of Ghent with a focus on Communication and Computer Science

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Speaker Dado Van Peteghem keynote topics

Dado Van Peteghem is a pioneer in the digital transformation industry and co-author of ‘Digital Transformation’, best selling book with over 50K copies sold across the world. He is a frequent keynote speaker and entrepreneur of several startups.

For more than 10 years, Dado has helped many corporate organisations with business transformation through proprietary models, across Europe and the Middle-East.

His experience and speaking topics include:

  • Digital Transformation – What’s next on the digital horizon?
  • Metasystems & Corporate Venturing – Building purposeful partnerships for growth.
  • Organisations of the Future – Unleashing the power of trust.
  • Building Meaningful Organizations – Doing Well while Doing Good.
  • Acceleration Growth – Through collaboration with startups.

Chief Digital Officer Awards 2019 - keynote Dado Van Peteghem

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Keynote topics with Dado Van Peteghem