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Unlocking Brilliance: Transform Your Thinking

Simon T. Bailey

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Simon T. Bailey sets the bar for leadership excellence. Elevate your team and organization to new heights with his engaging keynotes.

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Discover the power of transformation with Simon T. Bailey, your catalyst for success. Elevate your organization's thinking, ignite inner brilliance, and lead with purpose. Simon's proven strategies, recognized by top institutions, empower leaders worldwide. Join the ranks of success. Book Simon now.

Reasons to book Simon T. Bailey?

  • Simon equips companies with the necessary tools that effect cultural transformation. Successfully applying these tool, implements higher employee engagement and exceptional customer service experiences
  • He challenges individuals to deeply find and release their inner brilliance and become chiefs of both, their personal and professional life.
  • Questions and guidance within his engaging events, Simon raises the bar of expectations for leadership and you becoming your own organizational genius!

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, we often find ourselves navigating through a sea of challenges, much like a ship forging its way through uncharted waters. It’s in these moments that we need a guiding star, a beacon of inspiration and wisdom to steer us toward success. That guiding star is none other than Keynote Speaker Simon T. Bailey.

Simon T. Bailey is not just a speaker; he’s a transformational force. He specializes in helping individuals, organizations, and businesses navigate those uncertain waters with confidence. His dynamic keynotes are like a North Star, illuminating the path to success.

When you book Simon T. Bailey for your event, you’re not just securing a speaker; you’re enlisting a catalyst for change. Simon’s unique approach empowers teams to shift their thinking proactively, improving performance and accelerating results. He equips companies with invaluable tools that effect cultural transformation, driving higher employee engagement and delivering exceptional customer service experiences.

But Simon doesn’t stop there. He challenges individuals to dig deep within themselves, to discover and release their inner brilliance. Through his engaging events, he raises the bar for leadership, inspiring you to become your own organizational genius.

Recognized by the Washington Speakers Bureau as one of the 12 business speakers who embolden audiences to think big and lead with purpose, Simon T. Bailey has the expertise and track record to guide your organization to new horizons. He’s not just a speaker; he’s a proven navigator in the vast ocean of business.

So, when you’re seeking a keynote speaker who can bring clarity to chaos, innovation to stagnation, and brilliance to your team, look no further. Book Simon T. Bailey for your event, and let him be your guiding star on the journey to success.

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Keynote by Speaker Simon T. Bailey

Spark Empathetic Leadership with Accountability

Key Takeaways:

  • Connect with heart-centered intelligence based on Caring Science research
  • Care by using micro-practices from best-in-class global leaders
  • Coach teams to unlock innovation and productivity
Keynote by Speaker Simon T. Bailey

Spark Customer Love

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover why Caring and Serving are the ways to sell
  • Elevate the Customer Journey with Five Platinum Service Principles™
  • How to create customer engagement while working remote
Keynote by Speaker Simon T. Bailey

Ignite the Power of Women in Business

Key Takeaways:

  • Why this is the Age of The Woman
  • How Men can be advocates
  • How to Listen Collaborate and Celebrate
Keynote by Speaker Simon T. Bailey

Shift Your Brilliance: Act Like an Employee and Think a CEO (Creative Engagement Optimist)

Key Takeaways:

  • Increase your performance with Top 5 Skills based on research
  • How to Build Business Relationships
  • How to be an Effective Team Player
Simon T. Bailey - video

To Break Through, Find Your True Calling by Simon T. Bailey

Watch speaker Simon T. Bailey in action

Simon T. Bailey - video

This Is What’s Holding You Back From Brilliance by Simon T. Bailey

Watch speaker Simon T. Bailey in action

See keynotes with Simon T. Bailey


“I am so glad I logged in to listen to Simon’s Thriving Through Adversity talk with UKG yesterday. I find it’s all too easy to prioritize myself below my to-do list and today your presentation reminded me why that’s not always the right choice. Your words and ideas were powerful, but more importantly I left your talk energized and feeling overall positive. Your enthusiasm was uplifting and infectious. Bottom line, you were the vaccine to my January pandemic doldrums. Thank you!

Liz G

How do you “bring down the house” at a virtual (or any) conference? Select Dr. Simon T. Bailey as your keynote speaker! Simon presented the closing keynote, “Shift Your Brilliance: Navigating and Flourishing in the Evolving Workplace”, at New York City SHRM’s 2021 Annual HR Conference, Navigating NEXT. His message was timely, powerful, and inspirational! His presentation style was engaging and energetic. Add to that a very joyful, infectious laugh and you have presentation gold. Some comments from participants: “amazing”, “brilliant”, “so many gems”, “enlightening”, “insightful”, “WOW”, “exceptional”, “shot of optimism”, “so much wisdom”, “motivating”, “rockstar” “passionate” and more. On behalf of New York City SHRM, I highly recommend Dr. Simon T. Bailey! Thank you, Simon, for your brilliance and inspiring all of us.

Janet Hoffmann

President of HR Aligned Design

Simon is one of the most gifted and charismatic speakers I’ve ever met. His sole purpose in life is to improve the lives of others and bring them to live lives of true brilliance & passion, operating from levels higher than they ever thought possible. He was the keynote speaker for our first-ever True to You Leadership Summit and had everyone in the room engaged and eager for more. His larger-than-life energy engulfed the room and made you feel like he was sharing his wisdom directly with you. Simon is a difference-maker with a very special set of skills. Thanks, Simon for all you do to make us brilliant.

Camye Mackey

Chief People Officer, Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena

It was terrific to have Simon as the host and a keynote speaker at our virtual annual conference. His positivity, joy, and sense of humor are contagious. He’s an energizing speaker with a natural curiosity and he set the perfect tone for our conference.

Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD, CAE

Chief Executive Officer at American Health Information Management Association

Simon delivered the opening Keynote for our ESPA Annual Conference and what a great start to our event! This was a virtual event so we needed someone with positive energy and enthusiasm to get everyone inspired and capture people’s attention and Simon’s talk certainly accomplished this. Simon was careful to incorporate direct references, tips and take-aways for our industry which was a great strength of the program. He earned great ratings from our attendees. I will definitely consider him for other event opportunities and I highly recommend him for program content on business, communications and leadership topics.

Lynn McCullough

Executive Director and Meetings Manager of CMA Association Management
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