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Tamara Bunte

Take your sales to the next level with ones of America's #1 sales coach Tamara Bunte
Country: USA

Speaker Tamara Bunte is a top sales coach of The United States. She has inspired thousands of people transforming them to real sales professionals. As an excellent speaker Tamara Bunte advises Fortune 500 companies in the areas of leadership, organizational behavior and sales. Over the past 15 years, she coached executives and managers with success, helping them to become the best version of themselves.

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Why you should book Speaker Tamara Bunte

  • Tamara has more than 15 years of experience in coaching and training people to become top performers.
  • She is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and worked successfully with organizations such as Wells Fargo and The U.S. Army.
  • Her expertise in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis is a great addition to her sales knowledge.

As one of the #1 sales coach of America, speaker Tamara Bunte consults Fortune 500 companies and their executives to become the best. Businesses greatly benefit from her expertise in Peak Performance, Psychology of Achievement and Sales and Leadership. Over the past 15 years, companies greatly valued her advice as an established sales coach.

Moreover, speaker Tamara Bunte inspires many people with her influential presentations, books and CD’s. As a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Trainer, she knows the right tools to foster change. Her contribution to the lives of sales professionals is tremendous as she helps them evolve from average to exceptional. As a result, sales professionals reach the top – becoming the best version of themselves.

Watch Speaker Tamara Bunte in Action

    Keynote By Speaker Tamara Bunte

    Mastering Sales through Prospecting, Referrals & Discipline

    During this keynote, speaker Tamara Bunte will show you how to master sales through prospecting, referrals & discipline.  Inspire your sales team to take consistent, intelligent action to build their prospecting pipeline. Tamara will show you the secret strategy to build a successful organization.

    • Get more call-backs and bring in more sales
    • Tamara teaches you how to inspire the sales team
    • Learn how to take action with a classier attitude

    Keynote By Speaker Tamara Bunte 

    How to Define & Locate your Targets

    Who do you contact after you’ve called all of your sales leads? How do you organize your contacts so you can close more sales? Learn how to position yourself to find qualified leads and make more money! Knowing what to say and how to say it is everything. Speaker Tamara Bunte designed this keynote to show you:

    • How to ask the right questions that will lead you to new prospects and new business.
    • How to organize your contacts, helping you to close more sales.

    Keynote By Speaker Tamara Bunte 

    How to Leverage & Multiply Your Sales

    Do you know how to influence your clients to persuade their friends to buy from you? Learn to gain leverage so that referring you becomes their burning desire. Building a solid network of clients is really important for the success of an organization. For this reason, this keynote will show you:

    • How to influence and persuade your existing clients to tell their friends about your business.
    • How you create a referral form to triple the business brought in!

    Keynote By Speaker Tamara Bunte 

    Invest in your Future

    Max out your potential for the future! Learn to create a future worth living for and unlock the mental distractions that hold us back from becoming the best version of ourselves. Tamara offers this keynote to show you:

    • How to unlock the mental distractions which hold you back from performing.
    • Teach you the nine ways of changing one’s behavior for optimal performance and the key influence techniques for business success.


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