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Paul H. Keckley, PhD

Health care economist & policy expert
Country: USA

The keynote speaker Paul H. Keckley is an independent health care industry analyst, policy expert and entrepreneur. A sought-after speaker and industry expert, he is the author of renowned health care policy column The Keckley Report, and a regular contributor to major news outlets such as CNN, Fox, Bloomberg, and C-SPAN.

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Our keynote speaker Paul H. Keckley, PhD is a widely known expert and researcher in the field of health care policy. He is the Managing Editor of The Keckley Report, an acclaimed weekly review of current developments across health care policy, practice, and reform. In addition to this, he writes a monthly column for Health and Hospital Networks. He is also the author of three books and more than 250 articles.

As a representative of the private sector, Paul H. Keckley facilitated sessions between the White House Office of Health Reform and major health industry trade groups during the period preceding the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

The sought-after speaker Paul H. Keckley holds a BA from Lipscomb University, MA and PhD degrees from Ohio State University, and a fellowship in economic policy from Oxford University. He served as Managing Director of the Navigant Center for Healthcare Research and Policy Analysis (2014-2015), Executive Director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions (2006-2013), executive administration at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (1998-2006), Chief Executive Officer of PhyCor Management Corporation-the IPA Subsidiary of PhyCor Inc. (1994-1998) and Managing Partner of The Keckley Group, a health care research and policy analysis firm (1974-1994). He served as Independent Chairman of Interdent, a California dental practice management company (1992-1996) and as an Adjunct Professor in the Schools of Medicine, Business and Health Policy at Georgetown University and Vanderbilt University.

Paul currently serves on the board of Healthways Inc. as an Advisor to Western Governors University and the Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy, and is a member of the Health Executive Network. Our speaker Paul H. Keckley is a regular contributor to national media coverage about health reform and industry trends. An in-demand and seasoned speaker, he gives keynotes on health care trends, policy, and reform.

    Keynote by Speaker Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    Health Reform 2.0: What to expect in round two

    • The intersections of cost containment pressures, competition from new entrants, clinical innovation, politics and the Affordable Care Act’s implementation through 2020: how will each sector respond, and what factors will determine winners and losers
    • The status of the ACA’s implementation
    • Two catalysts for disruptive change: employers seeking value and consumers forced to engage directly
    • Speed traps for providers—physicians, hospitals, long term care providers: fraud and adherence to evidence-based medicine; business relationship transparency
    • Realities for health insurers: new customers, consolidation, scrutiny, diversification


    Keynote by Speaker Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    Megatrends impacting the US Health Care Industry

    • Health and Entitlement Reforms (Regulatory)
    • Clinical Innovations that Disrupt Traditional Modes of Care
    • Data-driven health care: the convergence of financial and clinical data
    • Employer activism: the relentless pursuit of value and exit from ESI
    • Plan Growth and Consolidation: new customers, new realities
    • Consumerism: the buck stops at home
    • New Competitors: Taking Advantage of the Industry’s Disruption


    Keynote by Speaker Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    Consumerism in Health Care: Is the Industry Ready?

    • Expenditures
    • Attitudes and Beliefs
    • Expectations and Trade-Offs
    • Opportunities


    Keynote by Speaker Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    Industry Restructuring: ‘Go Big or Get Out’

    • Physician-Hospital Alignment
    • Acute-Long-Term Care Integration
    • Plan-Plan Consolidation
    • Plan-Hospital Strategic Partnerships
    • Emergent Niche Sectors
    • OWAs (Other Weird Arrangements)
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