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Dr. K. N. Jacob

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Author, emotional intelligence and life coach empowering audiences with his powerful insights and useful takeaways

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Speaker Dr. K.N Jacob is a motivational speaker, life, and emotional intelligence coach. Jacob inspires audience members to improve all areas of their lives through powerful insight and actionable takeaways. Speaker K.N Jacob speaks on personal and professional leadership and the areas of growth where people experience the most changes. His keynotes have reached many corporations and individuals and is the catalyst for change.

Why book speaker Dr. K.N Jacob?

  • He empowers audience members with the word. Speaker Dr. K.N Jacob has a background in ministry, and he uses his voice not only to reach those in conference rooms but also in church walls. He empowers audience members with his words of guidance and insight.
  • Through his message and expertise, he builds stronger connections. Dr. K.N Jacob helps people, cooperation, and business alike, optimize themselves and their brand. Through his keynotes and actionable takeaways, he creates methods for overcoming obstacles.
  • He is versatile. Speaker Dr. K.N Jacob’s leadership keynotes demonstrate how to succeed in both your personal and professional life through goal-setting and strategic planning.

” You are never designed to chase money; you are designed to pursue purpose.” -Speaker Dr. K.N. Jacob

Speaker Dr. K.N. Jacob has had the privilege of speaking for the Fortune 500 on Emotional Intelligence; Personal Leadership; Personal Branding; Raising the Standards; Strategic Thinking; and Importance of Giving. He’s spoken in corporate organizations and church conferences in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia.  Coached over 10,000 leaders worldwide to discover their Purpose in Life through his Global Mentorship Program – My Life Journey. Jacob has over 1,000,000 followers on Facebook and over 59,700 subscribers on his YouTube Channel who enjoy over 590 inspirational videos.

Dr. Jacob has sold hundreds of thousands of his inspirational books around the world. Some of his best-selling books include: 60 Sex Questions People Ask Me; You Don’t Need a Job; Reposition Yourself; The Power of the Spoken Word; My Life Journey; 60 Days to Defeat Depression; Parenting Today; Blue Sky Strategy; and Me, Men & Money. Speaker Dr. K.N. Jacob has a Ph.D. in Project Management and a Masters Degree in the same field. He also has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics (Statistics).

Dr. Jacob is married to his college sweetheart, Mercy, and is blessed with one daughter, Ivy, and one son, Zig.

See keynotes with Dr. K. N. Jacob
Keynote by speaker Dr. K. N Jacob

Special Virtual Keynote: Fear & Anxiety in view of COVID-19

The World is in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic in modern history. Different actors on world stage are playing diverse roles to defeat COVID-19. Corporate leaders have a responsibility to let their staff members know that they care about employees’ well-being by boosting their morale.

In this topic, Speaker Dr. K. N. Jacobs encourages and inspire participants to remain calm, positive, optimistic, and proactive in the fight against COVID-19.

Audience takeaways:

  • Participants will recognize the real enemy in life is fear.
  • Participants will accept challenges as part of life.
  • Participants will learn to fight and never to run away from challenges.
  • Participants will inspire those around them at home and in the work-place to remain calm, positive, optimistic and proactive in the fight against COVID-19.
Keynote by speaker Dr. K. N. Jacob


In this topic, participants are extremely challenged to take personal responsibility for their success and never blame anyone or circumstances around them for not winning.

  • Participants say NO to excuses
  •  Participants face their past with brevity and renew their resolve to win
  •  Participants identify and set their measureable goals and pursue them with vitality.
Keynote by speaker Dr. K.N. Jacob


In this deeply inspirational topic, I teach participants on the ‘Power of the Spoken Word.’ I show participants how words create the world in which they live and how to declare what they expect out of life.

  • The consciousness of spoken words is raised among conference participants.
  •  The faith level of participants is raised and they begin to dare ‘faith projects.’
  •  The message reinforces positive attitudes among participants.
Keynote by speaker Dr. K. N Jacob


In this challenging topic, I help participants to be intentional parents by role modelling the behavior they desire in their child, spending quality time with their child and communicating at their child’s level.

  • Children learn more from observation – parents learn to be good role models
  •  Parents become intentional in creating quality time with their child.
  •  Parents become intentional communicators
Keynote by speaker Dr. K.N. Jacob


In this life-changing topic, I help participants to love themselves, appreciate their bodies as well as their natural talents, gifts and abilities without comparing their weaknesses with other peoples’ strengths.

  • Participants recognize their self-identity
  •  Participants identify and optimize their natural talents, gifts and abilities
  •  Participants learn to win in their personal space devoid of unhealthy competition
Keynote by speaker Dr. K.N. Jacob

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

In this life-saving topic, I teach participants how to recognize and take charge of their own emotions to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Additionally, I help participants to recognize the emotional climate in which they operate both at home and at work.

  • Participants enhance their self-awareness and emotional self-regulation.
  • Participants enhance internal self-drive.
  •  Participants enhance their social intelligence
  •  their ability to get along with others in their personal and professional relationships.


Keynote by speaker Dr. K.N Jacob


Not a single team (family, social, corporate) that Dr. K.N Jacob takes through the foundations of team work ever disintegrates. In this life deeply engaging transformational topic, Dr. K.N. Jacob uses a Color Model – Red People; Blue People; Yellow People; and Green People – to raise self- awareness among participants and to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and how to bridge existing partnership gaps.

Audience takeaways:

  • Participants recognize their personality type.
  • Participants recognize the personality type of each member of their team.
  • Participants work on their weaknesses and make the most of the strengths of their team members.
  • Participants appreciate that teamwork is the number one factor both in individual and corporate performance.
Keynote by speaker Dr. K.N Jacob

Personal Leadership

In this topic, speaker Dr. K.N Jacob helps participants in leading their private and career lives. He teaches participants how to set and achieve spiritual, emotional, relational, financial, professional and health goals.

Audience takeaways:

  • Participants raise self-awareness.
  • Participants enhance personal standards.
  • Participants learn to set, pursue and achieve their personal and professional goals.
Keynote by speaker Dr. K.N Jacob

Corporate Leadership

In this topic, Dr. K.N Jacob helps corporate executives and top management in industry analysis, market forecasting, identification of prime opportunities, enterprise growth and developing business acumen among front-line employees in an ever-evolving and corporate team environment.

Audience takeaways:

  • Corporate strategic thinking and strategic planning.
  • Corporate business planning, market development and products roll-out.
  •  Change management, culture change, internal realignments and industry disruption.


With Dr. K.N. Jacob there is no time I attend your conference and leave empty. There is always something to take away. I am a brand, I was deliberately created and I will live for my purpose. God bless you.

Catherin Kimani

You impact lives in a big way, I have benefitted a lot from the lessons taught and stories shared. I know beyond any doubt that I too, can live in my purpose, make any impact and carry your legacy to the next generation.

Juliet Kasweets

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