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Elke Geraerts

Country: Belgium

Do you know the impact of stress on your company and its effects on your turnover? Speaker Elke Geraerts has conducted extensive research into workplace stress and mental resilience. She is therefore highly sought after as an expert speaker on these topics.

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Speaker Elke Geraerts is a doctor of psychology who has worked at the universities of Harvard, St. Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam. Her scientific research on stress and mental resilience is internationally recognized. In 2012 Elke received the award “Smartest Woman of the Netherlands”.

In these busy times, many employees experience uncontrollable stress that causes them to underperform or even fall out. Recent figures show that sick leave costs 250 Euro per day per employee.

When an employee fails, a domino effect is created. There is more burden on the rest of the employees, who subsequently also experience more stress. More and more companies are actively taking an interest in the health of their staff, in response to the rapidly growing costs of psychological absenteeism. There is also a growing awareness in the boardrooms that intervention is necessary to ensure the long-term employability of staff.

Elke Geraerts takes a proactive approach that is founded in both theory and practical experience. You can see this approach in the company ‘Better Minds at Work’ that she founded together with Pia Buysse. With an enthusiastic team of trainers and coaches, Better Minds at Work ensures that employees are (re) finding mental resilience and are more resilient to stress and burnout. In this way they strengthen the commitment and mental well-being at work.

In her talks, speaker Elke Geraerts discusses work stress and burnout – specifically what we can do to nip them in the bud. She advises on preventive measures, which you can use proactively for yourself and for your company. She also discusses the different effects of stress on the different generations.

Throughout her keynotes Elke examines how we can show more mental resilience and how we can make ourselves and our company “burn-out proof”.

In her keynotes on mental resilience, speaker Elke Geraerts discusses how you can gain more control over your brain and your (negative stressful) thoughts, how you can exercise more conscious control and go through life in a more efficient and conscious way and how you can can be interwoven in your DNA, but also in the DNA of your company. With examples from the business world, and recent scientific studies she convinces her audience to take immediate action and to have a more optimistic and active mindset before the end of her talk.

    Keynote by Speaker Elke Geraerts

    No Guts No Glory

    •  Bravely embark on the road to happiness and success
    • In this lecture on happiness Elke shows that you will never reach the top without courage. Of course, she adds practical tools to actually get started with this.
    • With a mix of scientific research and striking examples from practice she knows how to stimulate her audience to opt for more courage. Elke Geraerts unmasks the myth of time management, punctuating our eternal quest for a better work-life balance. She also talks about how empathy can lead to success. With more courage at the helm of our own lives so that we can make choices that will make us happier and more successful in the long term.

    Keynote by Speaker Elke Geraerts

    Mental Capital

    • How can you strengthen mental resilience and energy?
    • During this lecture you will learn what the most important components of mental capital are. This lecture is not only the perfect antidote to burn-out, but also an eye-opener that makes it clear that investing in mental capital leads to more productivity and happiness. Learn how to stay focused, how to control stressful thoughts, and take your first steps as a born optimist! All in an interactive way that you’ll never forget!
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