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Transform Your Organization's Mental Capital

Elke Geraerts

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Meet Elke, an esteemed keynote speaker fueled by boundless curiosity and a passion for people. Let her guide your organization towards success and mental resilience.

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Unleash Elke's captivating keynotes worldwide. Experience her 'brain-friendly' presentations on stress and resilience, tailored to your needs. Trust her solid research background and bestseller 'Mental Capital.' Inspire mental resilience and boost productivity. She is unparalleled in her ability to play to her audience and to captivate people with her very unique blend of expertise and humour. Her enthusiastic way of translating new academic insights into everyday practice leaves nobody unmoved and has already won her a lot of praise.

Invest in the well-being of your employees with a keynote on stress and resilience

  • Her bestseller, ‘Mental Capital,’ in its thirteenth edition, showcases her breakthrough in translating psychological insights into practical applications. Trust her achievements to inspire individuals and organizations to hone their mental resilience for success.
  • Elke’s accomplishments have garnered international attention, from her flourishing academic career to the founding of Better Minds at Work. Gain access to her insights, honed through collaborations with renowned institutions, and empower your organization to thrive.
  • Book Elke for a keynote speech on stress and resilience to invest in the mental well-being of your team. Unlock strategies and tools to enhance productivity and create a thriving work environment.

Elke Geraerts has made a name for herself as an exceptional motivational speaker, captivating audiences worldwide with her powerful keynotes. Her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level is unmatched. Whether it’s an executive team looking to enhance their leadership skills or a workforce seeking strategies to overcome stress and improve well-being, Elke’s keynotes provide the perfect solution.

Tailoring her presentations to your specific audience, Elke ensures that her keynotes resonate deeply with each individual. She goes beyond generic advice and provides real-world solutions that address the challenges faced by your organization. Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate workshop, Elke’s engaging style and ‘brain-friendly’ approach captivate every participant, leaving them inspired and motivated for positive change.

Elke Geraerts is not just a speaker; she is a catalyst for growth and transformation. Her accomplishments speak for themselves. With a solid research background and positions at prestigious institutions like Harvard and St Andrews, Elke has earned international recognition for her expertise in neuropsychology. This expertise has been channeled into founding Better Minds at Work, an international consultancy company that focuses on increasing mental resilience, energy, and productivity in the workplace.

Booking Elke Geraerts for your event means investing in your organization’s success. By unlocking the power of her keynotes, you empower your team with the tools and strategies to thrive in today’s challenging business landscape. Elke’s insights inspire individuals and organizations to unlock their true potential, leading to improved well-being, heightened performance, and sustainable growth.

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Keynote by speaker Elke Geraerts

The New Now

Building resilience in a world where change is the only constant.

Change can be challenging, but times of uncertainty also provide a unique opportunity for organisations to demonstrate resilience and emerge stronger. In this highly topical speech Elke Geraerts shares her profound insights in how organisations may manage to seize this opportunity. She explains why it is time to put employee health and wellbeing at the top of the C-suite’s strategic agenda, and how this may help in responding to new work paradigms.

With her background in neuroscience, Elke points towards new ways to equipping leaders and employees with the mental, emotional, and social skills needed to not just cope, but adapt and thrive. Make sure to experience Elke’s speech and find out how we can build resilience in our careers, leaders, and organizations so we can better plan for and respond to the accelerated future of work.

Keynote by speaker Elke Geraerts

The Mental Reset

How hybrid work and life strengthen resilience.

The polycrisis is kicking in and people are suffering from chronic stress and burn-out like never before. But what if we are able to embrace this crisis as an opportunity for true transformation? What if we reset our (unhealthy) habits so we can face challenges stronger than we ever did before? What if we take this momentum as a head start for ourselves, our teams and our organizations?

In this talk Elke inspires you with insights that you need to for a post-pandemic era. She shows you how hybrid work ánd life may render you more productivity, energy and inner peace at the same time. She takes the time with you to reflect on how this hybrid context strengthens resilience for yourself, your teams and your company and what implications it has for your company’s strategy. And on top of that, she shares her ideas about what you can exactly do to advance (self) leadership, to foster connection and psychological safety within your team, to focus on what really matters, and to touch the right future-proof chords. A must-experience if you want to get ready for a mental reset!

Based on Elke’s newest book The Mental Reset, that appeared in Dutch and in English.

Keynote by speaker Elke Geraerts

Mental Resilience

How to strengthen resilience and empower your brain. 

We are living in volatile times and this has a huge impact on how we live and work. Especially in these challenging times it is important to keep our heads above water and be resilient. In this keynote Elke shares her insights on mental resilience and how we can deal swiftly with any challenge. Expect an eye opener that makes it crystal clear that investing in your own brain leads to more agility, energy and happiness and less stress.

With the #1 bestseller Better Minds as a common thread, you learn how your brain exactly works and you discover techniques to strengthen your energy and focus and to get through this time with sufficient motivation. In a 48-hour challenge, Elke will push you to apply a number of tips and tricks in practice straight away. A must-see to thrive in these volatile times!

Based on the bestseller Better Minds.

Keynote by speaker Elke Geraerts

Authentic Intelligence

How to future-proof yourself and your team.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been accelerating the digital revolution and is creating an earlier-than-expected tipping point that is likely to transform businesses forever. Hence the voices asking whether we humans can still compete against robots and artificial intelligence are getting louder.

In this highly topical speech, Elke points out that it is time to demystify technology and to shift the focus back onto human beings. She examines which uniquely human qualities can be used to secure our professional future, and which assets you really should embed in your organization’s DNA if you want to ensure your viability in this disruptive world. An inspiring presentation for organizations that already have both feet firmly planted in the future and want to use this pandemic as a transformational momentum.

Video by Elke Geraerts

Authentic Intelligence

Video by Elke Geraerts

The Mental Reset

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Elke gave her presentation on Mental Capital and the human brain for our colleagues at Van Havermaet. As we all know from Elke, it was again a very inspiring and haunting "journey" along the complex matter of our well-known gray matter. Her expertise, room for dialogue, funny yet recognizable examples and especially the application of the material specifically to our organization and for our colleagues made it a top moment for everyone. And the effect continues: especially when I am currently experiencing the many applications of Elke’s challenge with our colleagues. Highly recommended and we are already looking forward to the follow-up sessions of Elke and her colleagues.

Kristof Meesters

Algemeen Directeur van Havermaet

I had the pleasure of listening to Elke's vivid expose at a "Resilience Workshop" for BESIX in Dubai. For me personally, her story contained a number of “aha”- points and allowed me to connect some dots on certain challenges encountered in the daily work environment. I left the workshop with a number of insights, quotes ("Attention is the new scarce resource") and practical steps. Her interesting and highly relevant presentation is the best invitation to read one of her books. Definitely worth some "focus"-time!

Peter Lembrechts

Manager Six Construct Dubai

Together with my global team I had the opportunity to experience one of Elke’s sessions on Resilience. This was the best 90 mins I have spent in years! Elke's approach is fabulous. She captures her listeners with her authenticity and passion for the topic. While clearly grounded in science the use of metaphors and practical frameworks makes it easy to access. As a global team we have started our 48 hour sprint to put at least 3 tips in to practice. Her talk is a must for all in the challenging times we live in!

Yvonne Malone

Director EMEA Talent and Organization Abbott

Disruptive. That is probably the single best word to describe the impact of my meetings with Elke. Authentic interaction, and a lot of smiles too. During meetings I make sure to write down one impactful sentence. With Elke, I wanted to remember every sentence. It all made sense. Grounded in science, yet applicable in daily life. As I am working in developing technology for preventive health, getting Elke’s insights and feedback was essential in shaping our program. Evidently we invited her to speak at our international customer event, where she had a similar strong impact – this time on the entire audience. Thought provoking. Yet so simple, to remember, to apply. You have to experience it for yourself – I highly recommend meeting Elke.

Chris Van Hoof

Senior Director Imec

Powerful – loaded with applications and insights. Wonderful speaker! Professional, real and useful. Elke’s talk was very positive and provided actual tools to support a more efficient way of working. It’s amazing the preparation, creativity and skills that goes into speaking. Elke makes people learn. Elke makes it look easy. Elke makes people laugh. And, Elke moves people into action. Elke is an expert at captivating and engaging with the audience. I am very happy that her talk was recorded so I can watch it again and again.

Genevieve Deschenes

Event Marketing Manager at Allianz Partners

Elke has the rare talent of combining scientific insights with our everyday struggles in life. From the moment Elke starts to speak, she is able to hold the audience’s attention. She takes you on a mental journey through our brain and teaches us to get the best out of ourselves. The ultimate 'Elke effect' is that everyone who attends continues to contact each other long after the presentation to talk about how their brain is. A warm, special and, above all, highly talented person whom I wholeheartedly recommend.

Elmas Duduk

Organisatiestrateeg Gemeente Amsterdam

During the COVID-19 pandemic our leadership team decided to talk openly about mental health. Thanks to Elke, we were able to discuss mental resilience. Elke has the great talent to bring theory in a very vivid way. She is not just another keynote speaker in, yet another, webinar. She makes her insights actionable and easy to recognize. Her talk has been shared by many of our international colleagues. On a personal note, I very much value authentic people with real emotions and honest stories. I am very glad our roads crossed and we all hope for a sequel. Warmly recommending Elke to everyone in search for a “mirror, mirror on the corporate wall”.

Korneel Warlop

Director Corporate Communications, Barry Callebaut Group

A fantastic lecture by Elke Geraerts on Authentic Intelligence, the training of our brain, but also an insight into neuropsychology and its relationship with our behavior. What an enthusiasm and passion. Always a challenge to contract a good speaker for a market event, but it was a great success !!! Thanks every, you were top and an absolute must.

Ron Gardenier

Chief MGA Aon Risk Solutions/Voorzitter NVGA

Elke is one of those rare talents who can integrate research and practical examples into clear insights and practical recommendations. She does this in her books and in her real-life contributions. Thanks to her enthusiasm and expertise, resilience becomes a tangible, concrete thing that matters not only in what we think, but definitely in what we can do. From now on, we will look at rabbits and elephants differently.

Jan van Acoleyen

Chief HR Officer, Proximus
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