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Tim FitzHigham

Comedian, adventurer & presenter
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Tim Fitzhigham is a man of many talents. A comedian, adventurer, author, and actor, he is the proud world record holder for being the only person in history to row the English Channel in a bathtub. He is a popular after-dinner speaker on the corporate circuit and entertains with stories of his wacky feats and experiences.

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Tim FitzHigham is a Perrier nominated, multi-award winning comedian, explorer, quadruple world record holder, historian, archaeologist, film maker, and author. He is a highly in-demand speaker on the corporate circuit and delivers after-dinner speeches, holds workshops, and hosts award ceremonies and conferences. He is also an experienced auctioneer, which he finds the most difficult job of any successful event, but also a vital one.

Tim has spoken at countless business and charity lunches, including the World Economic Forum in Geneva, the Prince’s Trust Charity Lunch, numerous receptions at the UK House of Lords, the London Livery Companies, and London’s Alderman. He has hosted conferences, diverse exhibitions, and festivals both in the UK and abroad. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Freeman of the City of London, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Tim starred in a 10-part series, Super Human Challenge (CBBC 2013), which followed him around the world as he met the humans who defy science. After learning about the likes of the real life Iceman, the Incredible Hulk, and Batboy, and their ability to do superhuman things, Tim put their powers to the test – against himself! He has played in the mud on Time Team, burnt duck on Ready Steady Cook, ended up in a Hollywood film, and made appearances in two further films, one of which was directed by Clint Eastwood.

Named a Most Puissant Knight de Santa Maria on the West Indian Island of Redondo, Tim considers himself a man with brilliantly bad ideas. He is the only person to have rowed the English Channel in a bathtub, and has entertained audiences world-wide with his fascinating, hilarious, moving tales of dreamy impracticalness, breaking records and setting precedents in paper boats, running across deserts in suits of armour, climbing up the outside of the Doha Torch building in Qatar, balancing on chairs on the edge of the Grand Canyon, rolling cheeses, cheeseboards and wheelbarrows unfeasible distances, trying long distance Morris Dancing and taking on the world’s strongest woman in a bus pulling contest – Tim is a one off.

    Keynote by Speaker Tim FitzHigham

    After Dinner Speaking

    In his after dinner speeches, Tim FitzHigham talks about challenges using his own remarkable experience. He looks at setbacks – like when the French Government outlawed bathtubs in French territorial waters – and how to overcome them; logistical problems – like getting insurance for a paper boat; emphasises the key message: never be afraid to fail – like when he lost an arrow catching contest to the man with the fastest reflexes in the world. From failure come some of the greatest ideas and triumphs. Tim got lost in a force 7 storm with 2.5 metre waves on his first attempt across the channel in a bath.  He was hospitalised but never gave in. On the second attempt he was successful. This is an overwhelmingly positive speech from a man who simply never gives in and wants to share, empower and most importantly inspire others not to be overwhelmed by the challenges and restrictions that face us all. It’s also one of the funniest after dinner speeches by one of the country’s leading comic story tellers.


    Keynote by Speaker Tim FitzHigham

    Motivational Speaking

    Following up his success as an in demand, humorous after-dinner speaker, Tim created an all-new motivational speech for businesses. Tim’s speech stresses the importance of achieving goals and the usefulness of storytelling as a business asset. Combining up to date research with his own experiences on stage, in film, as a spokesperson for UN world environment day, as a farmer and as a highly successful businessman in his own right, Tim makes sure that no one in the room will ever make a boring or tired presentation again.


    Keynote by Speaker Tim FitzHigham

    Business Workshops

    Tim can run storytelling workshops to cement and expand the key messages of his motivational speech, and these work well as a companion, or can be delivered on their own.  From the heads of City Firms in London to the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Tim has made business people and corporate bodies laugh, think and, above all, developed their presentation skills to make them more successful and useful employees.

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