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Diane DiResta

travels from USA

Presentation and communication coach helping businesses and organizations to communicate with the most impact

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Speaker Diane DiResta is the top speech communications and media coach. She helps organizations and leaders by showing them how to communicate with the most impact in front of a crowd, face-to-face or online. Previously, she worked together with companies such as JP Morgan, Citigroup and L'Oreal. As a Certified Speaking Professional and a M. S. graduate of Columbia University, Diane is the right person to teach any audience how to project a powerful presence.

Why you should book Speaker Diane DiResta

  • Diane has worked with clients all over the world, transforming Fortune 500 executives into highly influential leaders.
  • She is a Certified Speaking Professional – only 12% of the speakers worldwide have this certificate.
  • Her book, which provides a solid background to her keynotes, is an Amazon category best-seller.

Speaker Diane DiResta is a highly renowned communications and speech coach. With a background of an M. S. degree from Columbia University and as a Certified Speaking Professional, she is the top expert to show clients how to communicate effectively. As Diane worked as a Training Specialist in management development and as a Senior Associate delivering skill seminars to organizations, she knows how to work with business clients.

As an experienced presenter, Diane travels all over the world to work with her clients: she has spoken in Africa, Europe, South America, Russia and the Caribbean. She can show any leader and any organization how to communicate with the maximum impact for the best results — regardless of the platform. Previously, she worked with top companies such as JP Morgan, Citigroup and L’Oreal. Clients trust her all over the world as Diane does a great job in improving their face-to-face and online presence.

Her book Knockout Presentations: How to Deliver Your Message with Power, Punch, and
Pizzazz is a category best-seller at Amazon and colleges are widely using it in business communication courses. To put the theory into practice, speaker Diane DiResta is ready to tell leaders the secret of delivering knockout presentations. As a result, their organizations will greatly improve their results and bring in more business.

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    Keynote by Speaker Diane DiResta

    The Influential Leader: Transform High Stakes Communication into Massive ROI

    • A great leader must speak with clarity to get the message through. In this presentation, Diane is ready to teach leaders the secrets of speaking with confidence and conviction. Speaker Diane DiResta will show the audience how to present their ideas and projects to gain buy-in. Learn how to create presence to influence and inspire the organization!

    Keynote by Speaker Diane DiResta

    Female Powerhouses: How Dynamic Women Leverage Kickbutt Confidence to Reap Bigger Rewards

    • This interactive and fun keynote has been designed to help people unleashing the powerhouse hidden in themselves. Partakers will discover how to convey confidence without a saying single word and break through barriers in communication. Get ready to speak the language of success and get more business!

    Keynote by Speaker Diane DiResta

    Listen and Sell

    • As studies show, organizations achieve greater results with a leader who is a good listener. Speaker Diane DiResta designed this topic to teach leaders how to listen “between the lines” by becoming a better listener. As a result, the organization will get more business done and improve customer relationships.
    • This talk comes with an audio and e-book takeaway
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