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Speakers about effective meetings (5)

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Rob de Haas

Innovation speaker, and author

travels from Netherlands

Speaker Rob de Haas is a motivational speaker uplifting organizations through his enlightening keynotes. Rob is the inventor of a set of Meeting Design Cards (©), which enables everyone to design practical and inspiring meetings through his...


Diane DiResta

Presentation and communication coach helping businesses and organizations to communicate with the most impact

travels from USA

Speaker Diane DiResta is the top speech communications and media coach. She helps organizations and leaders by showing them how to communicate with the most impact in front of a crowd, face-to-face or online. Previously, she worked together with...


Mitchell Lee Marks

Organizational psychologist, successful M&A expert and adviser and internationally recognized keynote speaker

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Mitchell Lee Marks is an internationally recognized leader in mergers, acquisitions, leadership, corporate culture and executive teambuilding. As a motivating and engaging speaker, he has been invited to speak to a wide variety of...


Marshall Goldsmith

Unlock success with Marshall Goldsmith, acclaimed executive coach and author of #1 bestsellers. His keynotes drive positive behavioral change for your organization.

travels from USA

Elevate Your Leadership with the World's Top Expert! Marshall Goldsmith, a global authority, transforms leaders and organizations with 40 years of proven results. Access practical coaching, top-rated training, and tailored...


Frank Dick OBE

Corporate coaching consultant, Chair of Scottish Athletics and President of the European Athletics Coaches Association

travels from UK

His expertise derives from years of coaching experience and detailed research into individual success and achievement. Our keynote speaker Frank Dick combines this wealth of knowledge and experience into an informative and motivational approach to...

Effective Meetings
Effective Meetings
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About Effective Meetings

  • Most of us have probably tried to sit in a meeting that lasted much longer than necessary. Perhaps, the meeting ended in discussions about basically unimportant details regarding clauses, or maybe you just never reached the essence of why this meeting was created in the first place.
  • What can you do to achieve more effective meetings, meetings where you actually get through the entire agenda, and may even have room for suggestions and discussions at the very end?
  • It is with meetings as with so much else in life – planning helps. What kind of a meeting is to be held, what would you like to achieve at this meeting – and what is essence, the meeting’s purpose?
  • Speaking engagements on effective meetings address questions like these and many more.
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