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Dr. Marie Charles

travels from Belgium

Medical doctor and the “Joan of Arc” of 21st century medicine considered one of the most influential entrepreneurs

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Keynote speaker Marie Charles is not just any medical doctor. She has a highly distinguished background in international business, finance and international relations and in the last 20 years, she has founded, grown and managed multinational companies and organizations in 40 different countries, which have all risen to the top in their respective fields. Our speaker Marie Charles is seen as one of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs in the fields of healthcare, finance, energy and the environment.

Our speaker Marie Charles is the founder and Chair of The Tiger Group, which is based in Hong Kong and specializes in high-yield, high-impact healthcare, energy and environmental transactions. It is currently ranked as one of the most innovative closed private equity houses in the world. Dr. Marie also founded Global Medic Force, which serves to train thousands and thousands of healthcare workers in developing nations through thousands of highly-trained volunteers including 2,150 medical doctors from 18 different nations.

Marie Charles is a woman with a mission who doesn’t settle on small and easy projects, and in 2007 she received The Medal of Honour from the president of Vietnam for having saved more lives than any physician in the Vietnamese history.

Keynote speaker Marie Charles is an inspiration to many, and she has been featured and referenced in international media over and over again for her outstanding personal healthcare initiatives and for having saved millions of lives in the developing world. Some articles even refer to her as the Joan of Arc of 21st Century Medicine, and it is a known fact that no government in the world possess a volunteer medical resource like the one created by Dr. Marie Charles. Additionally, she regularly writes on the subject of high-yield, high-impact investing in one of the most affluential magazines in Europe.

Dr. Marie Charles has spoken at many big international conferences and events for some of the most prestigious financial institutes, international corporations, global charities, women’s groups and motivational seminars; to name a few. She receives standing ovations and people telling her how her presentation and thoughts changed their lives.

The illustrious speaker Marie Charles holds an MD degree from KU Leuven and a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York, where she became fluent in English as her sixth language. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, Fellow of the Royal Society for Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Fellow of the Aspen Institute, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and an Associate of the Royal College of Physicians.

A truly inspirational person with an impressive resume, Marie Charles’ keynotes will change you, motivate you and teach you something new and inspiring. Dr. Marie delivers keynotes on a range of topics including motivation, investing, philanthropy and entrepreneurism.

See keynotes with Dr. Marie Charles

    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles

    High Impact Investing

    • Maximising financial investment returns while creating genuine, large scale benefits to society.


    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles

    Extreme Inspiration & Motivation

    • Extraordinary lessons learned from the front line of life while saving millions of lives every year in the most hostile conditions imaginable across 4 continents.


    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles

    Optimising Global Philanthropic Outcomes

    • Disruptive change models to optimise real philanthropic impact outcomes locally, nationally and globally.


    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles


    • The fascinating evolutionary psychology and epigenetics of entrepreneurs… are they born or can they be made?


    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles

    Disruptive commercial models to optimise business success

    • For maximum business success you need to break something old to make something new.


    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles

    Your personal legacy, making your life really count for something

    • We only have 600,000 hours in our very short lives, so how do you make them really count?


    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles

    Shedding tears in the footsteps of Livingston

    • In the last 50 years alone, USD$ 2.3 trillion has been spent on aid to Africa, and we are still treating exactly the same diseases in exactly the same locations today that medical explorers like Livingston were trying to treat 150 years ago. What happened to all of the money?


    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles

    Living to 120 by hacking evolutionary biology

    • What the ultra rich are doing to extend their life spans and what you can do as well.


    Keynote by Speaker Marie Charles

    You will be the death of me

    • Why are up to 80% of all deaths throughout the developing world caused by entirely treatable diseases?


If you are going through hell, keep going.  Never give up.

We only have 600,000 hours in our very short lives, before we are inevitably consigned to entropic oblivion, so it is important to make them all count.

Choose your life partner very carefully.  It is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.  Ensure that he or she is willing to unreservedly support your life ambitions no matter how extreme or humble these may be.

When interacting with remote native tribes, where the entire wealth of the village may be limited to just one goat, it is worth remembering that the most generous people on earth are often those who have the least.

With regard to employees, don’t ever carry any “dead wood” under any circumstances. Hire the very best people that you can possibly employ, and then empower them to absolute excellence.

If you find yourself kidnapped by murderous rebels in West Africa, always look them in the eye, don’t ever cower.

In business, as in life, always take personal responsibility and risks in equal measure.

Monkey brains, monkey eyeballs, crocodile, snake, larvae, cockroaches, and insects don’t taste as bad as you might think.

If you are not failing you are not trying hard enough.

No matter if you are being attacked by a local tribal warlord or a larger business competitor, always stand up to bullies.

If you walk into a house that has no books, turn around and walk out again immediately.

Ask your favourite charity what their plan is to put themselves out of business.

A black dress always looks better with heels. Always!

Human flesh is not zebra no matter what it says on the menu.

Entrepreneurs, like leaders, are born and cannot be made.

In both, disruptive international business in the world’s largest financial capitals, and saving millions of lives every year throughout the developing world across 4 continents, always have a little chat with the local “witchdoctors” first.

Some places really do have a pall of evil

Require courage and loyalty from all your friends and employees at all times. There is no exception to this rule ever.

When being shot at you can take cover behind the engine block of a car.

Falling into a sea of floating human effluence in your best work dress in front of esteemed colleagues from all over the world, is an excellent opportunity to hone one’s leadership skills.

If you are being robbed at gunpoint by Maoist rebels, don’t forget to ask for a receipt.


Interview with Dr. Marie Charles

How did you know you didn’t want to be a “normal” medical doctor. How did you discover your purpose?

Growing up as the eldest of 6 children in Belgium, as a young girl I used to watch my father, who was one of the most famous Professors in Europe, travelling to, and working in, impossibly exotic and far away places at the time, such as MIT and Peking and I just knew that I wanted to live my life on the largest stage possible.

I also reasoned that as we only have about 600,000 hours in our very short lives, that I wanted to make mine count as much as possible, and I wanted to leave the planet a better place for having been here, by helping as many people as possible that could not help themselves. A “normal” doctor treats patients one at the time; instead I wanted to treat entire nations.

You have achieved a lot in your career – what moment made you feel proudest?

When the CDC ordered myself and the medical volunteers who were working for me, to evacuate the epicentre of the SARS pandemic where we were deployed on the Vietnamese/Chinese border.

At the time SARS was considered 100% fatal. We were the extremely “thin line” working in absolutely hyper-contagious conditions and the only thing standing between the local populace and total disaster.

I was able to tell the CDC representative that actually we were exactly where we were supposed to be and that not one of us would be leaving, no matter what the cost to us personally.

How did you begin your speaking career?

The largest banks and financial institutions, biggest corporations, most prestigious universities, most powerful international parastatals, most famous charities, etc etc have been requesting that I speak to them for over 20 years.

What is your biggest goal right now?

A disruptive investment in the Swiss private banking industry that will set new standards in terms of investment returns in the fields of healthcare, environment and energy investments.

Who or what inspires you most?

My husband. He is a real life superhero to me.

Why should clients use you for their next event?

Don’t be afraid of using the very best…

See keynotes with Dr. Marie Charles
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