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Dr. Darren Coleman

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Speaker with over 20 years of international branding experience who specializes in helping brands stay relevant

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Keynote speaker Darren Coleman is an international expert on building engaging brand experiences. His keynotes are informative and thought-provoking with lots of practical tips and tools. Darren’s clients include Johnson & Johnson, Nikon and PepsiCo, and he is regularly invited to large international conferences and events.

Why you should book speaker Darren Coleman

  • With an MA in Marketing and a Phd in B2B service brand identity, Darren has a thorough educational background in branding which he combines with real-life experience in building strong brands. Combining a practical and hands-on approach with robust and rounded insights create the best of both worlds.
  • Building brand experiences is a great and effective way to retain relevance in a competitive world. Darren has helped several companies in different industries with just about any complex branding problem. Let him help you!
  • As a speaker Darren Coleman is engaging, warm and very professional. His keynotes are filled with relatable examples and hands-on advice to ensure that everyone in the audience walk home with new knowledge and valuable insights.

Keynote speaker Darren Coleman has 20 years of experience building strong brand experiences for big and small companies. His expertise is in high-demand, and he is regularly invited to participate in panel discussions and comment on brand-related challenges in media across the world.

When Darren is not speaking at international events and conferences, he works as a managing consultant at Wavelength Marketing which he is also the founder of. Darren is also the author of “Building Brand Experiences: A Practical Guide to Retaining Brand Relevance” which is based on research and tried-and-tested tools. His book is set to be translated to Mandarin and Korean in 2020.

Darren wows his audience with his intelligent humour and personal anecdotes combined with research and facts about branding. He provides relatable examples when things get complicated and abstract, and his speaking style is characterized by the perfect balance between highly professional and completely down-to-earth.

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Keynote by speaker Darren Coleman

Delivering brand-driven growth

  • When product-driven sales stall organisations often turn to their brand to drive growth. Launching new products, experiences or moving into new categories – all under the guise of new and / or existing brands.
  • The blind pursuit of brand-driven growth can result in disjointed product portfolios and brand experiences that feel “off brand”. If not properly understood, brand-driven growth can actually have an unwanted effect and customers will back off.
  • During this hands-on keynote, speaker Darren Coleman shares practical insights and examples that will help you get brand-driven growth right. This entails considering your brand as a common denominator that connects with your customers and guides brand strategy. By doing this you’ll appreciate how your brand can act as powerful platform for brand-driven growth.
Keynote by speaker Darren Coleman

How to build brand experiences in three simple steps

  • Smart CMOs know building brand experiences is a powerful route to retain relevance, however, many executives struggle to structure and lead these initiatives with confidence. Darren’s keynote solves this problem by sharing a practical blueprint that shows the process of building brand experiences in three simple steps.
  • In his keynote Darren draws on 20+ years of global brand experience, extensive research and his recently published book to share a step-by-step guide that will help the audience build brand experiences for themselves.
  • Each member of the audience will receive a copy of the Brand Experience Toolkit. The Brand Experience Toolkit is based on Darren’s recently published book and is jam packed with useful tools, tips and templates that will help the audience put the ideas introduced into action.
Keynote by speaker Darren Coleman

Delivering consistent experience through your employees

  • People are erratic, unpredictable and emotional. This makes delivering consistent brand experiences through employees difficult – but not impossible. This talk outlines how CMO’s can address this challenge by fostering closer working relationships with their Human Resources counterparts.
  • During his keynote, Darren shows how marketing and human resource executives can align key strategic thinking and operational processes to ensure your people and brand are aligned so that more consistent brand experiences are delivered.
Keynote by speaker Darren Coleman

Command more respect in the boardroom by measuring brand experiences scientifically

  • Demonstrating how brand experiences drive financial performance is a challenge even the most seasoned executives face. In this keynote, speaker Darren Coleman outlines how CMO’s can command more respect in the boardroom by measuring brand experiences in a more rigorous, rounded and scientifically-robust way.
  • Understanding the importance of obtaining employee, brand and financial measures over sustained periods of time lies at the heart of Darren’s keynote.
  • Darren’s keynote delivers practical measurement advice so the audience will leave the keynote with actionable insights they can start working on straight away.
Keynote by speaker Darren Coleman

Why emotion wins when building B2B service brand experiences

  • This keynote is for B2B services brand executives who want to differentiate their brand through a more emotive and experiential approach to brand strategy.
  • During his keynote, Darren will call on the latest neuroscientific research to provide the audience with an applied understanding of why emotion drives choice.
  • Darren’s keynote will be couched in the context of a B2B services brand to account for their unique characteristics and the specific brand marketing challenges this creates.
Keynote by speaker Darren Coleman

How to engage with the Millennial “generation” via your brand values

  • Senior executives are keen to develop relationships with the Millennial “generation” to secure future revenue streams. Connecting with this vast yet varied generation of people via authentic brand values is something many successful brands have done. Drawing on his extensive global experience, Darren shares practical advice on how the audience can do the same.
  • More specifically, Darren’s keynote will help the audience understand how they can define brand values that are more relevant to the millennial “generation”. This entails defining values that are unique, specific, active, deliberate and balanced.
  • Darren’s keynote also provides the audience with actionable advice on how they can bring those values to life in practical and meaningful ways that resonate with the “millennial” generation.
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