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Mark Anthony

travels from Denmark

Motivational Coach

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Over the past years our keynote speaker Mark Anthony has quickly become one of the most recognized motivational speakers and coaches in Scandinavia and Europe. Mark will go where he is required to go. His training programs and power-talks are widely recognized as dynamic, meaning they are interactive to the ultimate extend.

Motivational speaker and coach

Mark Anthony key values are balance, passion and joy, and he will leave audiences and conferences everywhere with a great feeling and a strengthened will to make the changes necessary to make a difference, to move towards new and improved results.

He has developed one of Europe’s strongest coaching concepts: coaching dynamics, including a full scale coaching training program, corporate coaching on multiple levels, and life coaching. Furthermore, he personally coaches some of the biggest sports talents in Denmark.

He has been coaching professionally for more than 10 years and has accumulated more than 3500 sessions worth of practical experience making him one of the most experienced coaches in all of Europe.
Over the years, he has done speaks for more than 100.000 people in Europe and the US.

Mark has also developed a unique motivational concept: the corporate motivator, where leaders can be trained and coached towards using motivation as the ultimate accelerant for success and capitalization on success.

His magnificent and rare ability to facilitate even very large and international groups of people through an innovative and decision-making process, makes him a sought-after speaker and coach in the art of facilitation.

Mark is an NLP Master (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a master mental coach.
Mark Anthony is currently being accredited as an MCC (Master Certified Coach) by ICF (International Coach Federation), the highest level of accreditation possible.

Motivation – The positive way ahead
Experience 90 minutes with tools, stories and practical exercises elegantly delivered with humour and a contagious positivity that will make any audience, listen, laugh, learn and leave uplifted and ready to implement their decisions.

Marks magnificent and rare ability to communicate and engage even very large and international groups of people makes him a sought after speaker and motivator.

As a customer once said about Mark:” Mark is serious the funny way – and very funny the serious way! There is a good reason why more and more people refer to him simply as Mr. Motivator!”

See keynotes with Mark Anthony

    Speaker Mark Anthony Keynote Topics

    • Use your energy on what you want INSTEAD of what you do NOT want
    • Speak positive – it motivates!
    • Motivated people are surrounded by motivated people
    • Motivation is the art of generating interest
    • Motivation comes from the GAIN of the goal much more than from the the goal itself
    • Motivation is more than just raising your hands shouting ”YES I can”!
    • Drop deadlines and cross finishlines instead
    • Forget multitaksing – SINGLETASK!
    • Volition – how you maintain focus and drive after you are motivated.
    • Affirmation leads to confirmation – believe in yourself and others will too.


    The keynote speaker Mark Anthony has a unique ability to tell stories in a moving, funny and very personal way. Experience his stories about:

    • His father’s cheeseshop
    • Why we need so little sleep when we are in love
    • His meeting with Robbie Williams
    • Our use of the words NO and NOT
    • And especially when he sums everything up in his captivating story about a trip to Rome

    More information can also be found at www.markanthony.dk

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Keynote topics with Mark Anthony