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Linguistics Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about Linguistics. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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Speakers about linguistics (5)

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Susie Dent

Susie Dent is a Logophile, Television Celebrity, Language Researcher, and Etymologist - Sharing her love and passion with the audience, employees, and leaders. She provides them with tools on how to communicate in a meaningful and inspiring way.

travels from UK

Susie Dent is best known for her appearances on the popular UK TV game show “Countdown”, where she has presided over Dictionary Corner since 1992. A former Editorial Director for Oxford University Press, and spokes person for the Oxford English...


Mark Anthony

Motivational coach and popular speaker on a mission to inspire companies to move towards new and improved results

travels from Denmark

Over the past years our keynote speaker Mark Anthony has quickly become one of the most recognized motivational speakers and coaches in Scandinavia and Europe. Mark will go where he is required to go. His training programs and power-talks are widely...


Helen Eriksen

Author, business psychologist and expert in change with an exceptional, rare talent for storytelling

travels from Denmark

Our keynote speaker Helen Eriksen has a rare talent for storytelling. She is an unpretentious public speaker, who gives participants the necessary tools, will and desire for change. Humour and metaphors play a leading role in her talks, which are...


Steve W. Martin

Sales Coach and Expert on a mission to help businesses create successful relationships through the power of language

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Steve W. Martin is an expert in the field of ‘sales linguistics’, the study of how customers use language during their decision-making process. He uses lessons learnt in the world of sales, computer programming and...


Audrey Nelson

Internationally recognized trainer, consultant and presenter specializing in gender communication and conflict management

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Audrey Nelson is an internationally recognized trainer, presenter, and consultant. She specializes in gender communication, conflict management, dealing with difficult people, communication skills, and sexual...

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About Linguistics

  • Linguistics is the science of language and words. Where does language come from and how did it evolve through history?
  • Language is in many ways a living entity. Sure there are rules, grammar and phonetics, but language is rich and full, it is the communicative glue that binds us together as human beings.
  • Keynote speakers talking about linguistics may choose to focus on grammar, phonetics and semantics but also the history of language, about slang and the way in which language is used within the world of literature, movies or music.
  • And language does not necessarily have to be the boring study of grammatical rules which many of us probably recall from elementary school or high school. Many keynote speakers on linguistics know exactly how to make language come alive.
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