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Justin Cohen

Motivational Speaker
Country: South Africa

Keynote speaker Justin Cohen, CSP, is a fantastic motivational presenter with tremendous experience as a speaker. With a postgraduate degree in Psychology, Justin has the professional expertise to backup his speaking engagements on sales, service, and leadership motivation. With more than fifteen years of speaking experience, Justin Cohen is a great option if you need a professional speaker talking about motivation.

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Justin Cohen is the author of four books and eight audiobooks. He hosted a television talk show in which he interviewed some of the world’s top experts on success. As a leading authority on human potential, with a postgraduate degree in Psychology, Justin speaks and trains on motivation, sales, service and leadership.

Having spoken professionally for 16 years, Justin Cohen has presented in nearly 20 countries, and in virtually every industry, to an average of eight thousand people annually. Justin is a Certified Speaker Professional and Southern African Speaker Hall of Fame inductee. Justin does not shy away from any topics and his mission is simply to make people and businesses realize their potential. His keynotes are engaging, inspiring and humorous, and his audience will have practical tools and motivation to start bringing home bigger and better results.

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    Keynote by Speaker Justin Cohen

    “Pitch To Win”

    Being able to pitch and sell an idea may sound like something that takes practice, experience and a little bit of luck. Justin has helped people who have never pitched before to win multi-million dollar deals. If they can do it, you can do it! It takes six steps to pitch an idea and get it through, and in this engaging keynote Justin will teach you these steps. You will learn secret tips to your nonverbal communication; the one thing you must do before picthing an idea and much much more.


    Keynote by Speaker Justin Cohen

    “The Psychology of Success”

    What are the psychological drivers of success? A Harvard study found only one key factor present in the star performers in sport, business, art and science – motivation. The problem is, for most people, motivation is like a hot bath – it goes cold quickly. The Psychology of Success, won’t motivate your people, rather it will provide the psychological tools for self-motivation to raise their performance and well-being.


    Keynote by Speaker Justin Cohen

    “What’s Your Story?”   

    Taking the audience on an inspirational journey, Justin Cohen shows how stories have driven the explosive speed of human progress and how we can use them to drive our own. If you want to grow an organisational culture, boost innovation, share knowledge, sell a product or lead a team you need to use the oldest and most powerful tool of progress, you need to tell and share stories. Finally there are the stories we tell ourselves, these are the source of our success or failure.


    Keynote by Speaker Justin Cohen

    “Ubuntu: The Power of Connection”   

    Winning in sales, service or leadership depends on knowing how to get along with people. There is no such thing as success without successful relationships The road to gold is lined by people. No wonder studies report that as much as 80% of success in business depends on our social skills. In a high-tech world, relationships count more than ever. Whether you want to bond with your clients, staff, or team members this program will show you how.


    Keynote by Speaker Justin Cohen

    “Leadership Inside Out”   

    Leadership of others starts with leadership of self. Research shows that self-mastery predicts over 60% of leadership success. The essence of self-mastery is the ability to motivate yourself. The essence of leadership is the ability to motivate others. In this program, developed by Justin Cohen for the Academy for Chief Executives in the United Kingdom, your people will acquire the tools to do both. There are four core modules.


    Keynote by Speaker Justin Cohen

    “Setting and Achieving Goals”

    Less than 5% of people have clear, written, time-framed goals. These people tend to perform significantly better in fields as diverse as sport and business. Goals are the vision around which great organisations rally. Yet a study by the Franklin Covey institute shows that just 15% of people can identify their company’s top goals. Setting and Scoring Goals will give your team the tools to turn their goals into reality.


    Keynote by Speaker Justin Cohen

    “The Psychology of Sales Superstars”   

    Optimistic sales people sell on average 50% more product than their pessimistic counterparts. This presentation will give your people the tools to develop this essential ingredient of sales success.


    More popular keynotes include:  “Joy Takes You Further”, “The Power of Positive Habits”, “The Wisdom In The Room”, “Goals: Design your Destiny” and “Are you Future Fit?”

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