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Stefan Lindegaard

Innovation Expert and Strategic Advisor
Country: Denmark

With extensive insight on the possibilities of innovation keynote speaker Stefan Lindegaard provides keynotes that can inspire and motivate companies across the world. As an author, speaker and strategic advisor Stefan Lindegaard has consulted several companies on how to develop corporate innovation capabilities, making sure that companies can achieve greater results and connections.

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The Expert on Corporate Transformation and Innovation Management


Stefan is a Copenhagen-based author, speaker and strategic advisor.

His focus on corporate transformation and innovation management based on leadership, the work force and organizational structures has propelled him into being a trusted source of inspiration to many large corporations, government organizations and smaller companies. He believes business today requires an open and global perspective and he has given talks and worked with companies in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

In his role as a strategic advisor and coach, Stefan provides external perspectives and practical advice for executives and corporate transformation and innovation units.

Stefan helps companies on issues such as:

• Leadership development based on his four pillars of the understanding of exponential growth and merging technologies, digitalization, disruption and new approaches to innovation innovation management.

• Training executives and employees on corporate transformation and innovation (develop a new mindset and new capabilities).

• Connecting your company with new business opportunities as well as with insights from peers through his extensive global network

• Communication strategies for your corporate transformation and innovation efforts.

Stefan is open to tailoring a talk, session or training programme to meet your needs. He is an expert on explaining what it takes to transform your company and rethink innovation and how you can stay sharp in these fast moving business disciplines that get more and more attention and respect among the top executives.

As a speaker or session facilitator, Stefan likes to interact with his audience. He prepares for the individual keynotes so he can establish a connection that leads to a good two-way discussion, which makes it easier for the audience to relate to his ideas and gain insights on their own issues.

Stefan’s mains topics are corporate transformation, innovation management, open innovation, the work force and new organizational structures, entrepreneurship and the people perspective on innovation.


    Speaker Stefan Lindegaard Keynote Topics

    Below is an overview of  some of the sessions that Stefan offers, they typically run between 2-3 hours, they can also be given as keynote talks. This is also not an exhaustive list, so please contact us if you have any questions.


    Keynote by Speaker Stefan Lindegaard

    10 Questions You Should Ask Your CEO

    • The CEO does not know everything. Sometimes the CEO pretends to know everything or does not listen to the employees and then things can go wrong in many ways. This is even more true in the era of corporate transformation, where small – and often neglected – groups of employees might not have all the answers, but they definitely know the right questions to ask.
    • This session gives you the courage to challenge your CEO as we walk through some of the key questions that everyone in your company should pay attention to. Especially the CEO.


    Keynote by Speaker Stefan Lindegaard

    Five Reasons Why CEO’s Don’t Get Innovation – and What to Do About It!

    • Corporate innovation often fails because executives do not know enough about innovation management. Yet, very few corporate innovation teams – and HR – see it as their task to train and educate their executives on innovation. This is a big mistake.
    • In this session, I will provide you with five reasons why CEO’s and top executives do not get innovation and I will tell you what an organization can do to train and education their executives on innovation based on these four starters.
    • Don’t push too hard, let it become their own project, executives only listen to their peers and work with HR.


    Keynote by Speaker Stefan Lindegaard

    Work the Two Sides of Disruption – Offense and Defense

    • Look around and you will see that disruption hits much harder and much faster than ever before. Executives and their companies cannot plan to bring disruptive or radical products, technologies, services or business models to market. They can only create the right conditions and frameworks to be in a position for this to happen. Then, luck and timing are critical, yet hard to control, elements for success.
    • It is, however, important to have in mind that even though executives and their companies cannot plan for disruption and radical innovation to happen, they can be sure that they will be disrupted in the near future. Disruption is a two-headed monster and you must prepare accordingly.
    • In this session, we look into how companies can develop the mindset and capabilities to address both sides of disruption.


    Keynote by Speaker Stefan Lindegaard

    The Next Level of Open Innovation: Is Your Organization Ready?

    Today, many companies are moving beyond the basics of open innovation making this new paradigm of innovation even more complex, challenging – and rewarding.

    Getting started with open innovation and developing the right foundation for open innovation has been a key challenge at many companies in the last three to five years. Now, internal as well as external forces are moving these companies towards the next level of open innovation in which we go beyond just products and technology and start to explore how a more open and collaborative mindset can be applied to even more business units and functions. This change is stressful to any organization and it brings out new challenges that must be addressed in order to unlock the full potential of open innovation.

    This is the outset for this session in which we get into these topics:

    • the current state of open innovation – an overview of leading companies and insightful cases
    • why internal open innovation can be a good starting point for many organizations
    • how open innovation impacts management and organizational issues and requires more experimentation and learning from failure
    • why corporate training on innovation is more important than ever
    • an overview of tools and services that can help overcome the hurdles and propel the opportunities


    Keynote by Speaker Stefan Lindegaard

    The Talent for Innovation

    • Today, there is much talk about open innovation, business model innovation and disruption. These are important topics, but the most significant element to anything related to innovation will always be people.
    • It is people that make things happen and this is you, your colleagues, your customers and external partners that you engage with to bring better products and services to market faster.
    • This session looks into the skills and mindset that are required to be a good innovator – and corporate transformer – in this era of “modern innovation,” which is driven more by openness and business models than internal R&D and patents.


    Keynote by Speaker Stefan Lindegaard

    Go for New Organizational Structures

    • Today, we are set up for hierarchy, functions and silos. But we need more collaboration internally and with external partners, more transparency and less control in order to make faster decisions and we need more empowerment to act faster on the decisions.
    • We also need virtual teams and structures to fully embrace a global talent pool which will be a hybrid of employees, partners and free-lancers that will provide the resources and capabilities to that you can hire – and let go – as needed.
    • Our organizational structures must change in order to better address the challenges and opportunities that corporate and societal transformation will bring upon us in the coming years. This requires a lot more experimentation than what is happening today.
    • In this session, you will get an overview of what is happening and insights on how your organization can build better organizational structures.


    Keynote by Speaker Stefan Lindegaard

    Networked Business Structures – The Future of Business

    • If your resources and capabilities are based on hybrid of employees, partners and free-lancers that that you can hire – and let go – as needed, you need to adapt your business offerings, models and processes to this. The future belongs to networked business structures. Open innovation, external collaboration, crowd/outsourcing are key elements for this.
    • How can you make this happen? That is the topic of this session.
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