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Gilles Babinet

Gilles Babinet

Digital Champion & Serial Entrepreneur
Country: France

Keynote speaker Gilles Babinet has been a serial entrepreneur since he was 22. He has several successful ventures to his name, all with focus on the digital space. This is because he is passionate about technology and big data, and he strongly believes in the positive impacts which digitalization can have on our societies.

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Keynote speaker Gilles Babinet is a cherished public authority on digitalization for the French people, serving as France’s Digital Champion in the European Commission since 2012. Gilles is also a prolific author, having written several books on the topic of big data and digital transformations.

Gilles is an ideal speaker for you if you’re looking for someone who knows his way around the fields of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, as well as the many other aspects of digital transformation.

    Speaker Gilles Babinet’s Keynote Topics

    • What is digital transformation ?
    • How and Why will it affect every single companies and individuals ?
    • What are the implications of digital transformation in terms of management and organization ?
    • How to foster disruptive innovation within an organization ?
    • How digital giants have been conquering global markets ?
    • How well is Europe managing compared with the US and China ?
    • Consequences of regulations and public policies
    • Digitalization in Africa (AFrica4tech)
    • Education and Productivity
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