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Reflections on integration & building connections between cultures

Özlem Cekic

travels from Denmark

Inspiring speaker, author, and former politician sharing practical tips to break down barriers and foster cultural understanding in the workplace.

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Özlem Cekic is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and author known for her expertise in integration of immigrants and diversity in the workplace. With a background as a nurse, politician, and political debater, she draws from her personal and professional experiences to deliver a powerful message of breaking down barriers and creating understanding across cultures. Özlem's talks resonate with audiences of all backgrounds, and she provides practical tips for individuals to take action in fostering inclusivity and embracing diversity.

Reasons to book Özlem Cekic

  • She is an influential thought-leader in debates, having been named as such by Denmark’s political newspaper for several years.
  • Özlem’s passion for breaking down barriers and building connections between cultures is evident in her dedication to the cause.
  • With a strong social media following and a wealth of experience, Özlem continues to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace diversity, create inclusive environments, and foster understanding in today’s multicultural society.

Özlem Cekic is an inspiring speaker, author, and former politician who has dedicated her career to promoting cultural understanding, breaking down barriers, and fostering inclusivity. Born in Ankara, Turkey, Özlem’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a nurse, politician, and renowned debater has shaped her unique perspective and insights.

As a keynote speaker, Özlem’s expertise lies in the integration of immigrants and diversity in the workplace. Her talks are highly valued by clients and audience members who appreciate her intimate and personal speaking style. Whether addressing students, leaders, or employees, Özlem has the exceptional ability to connect with her audience, truly listening and understanding people from all walks of life.

Özlem’s impact on the political agenda in Denmark has been profound. She made history as the first individual with a minority background to be elected onto the Danish Nursing Association’s board. During her time as a member of parliament, she became well known for her unwavering commitment to her values despite facing resistance. Today, free from party-politics, Özlem believes she can make an even greater difference by focusing on her role as a speaker and advocate for cultural diversity.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Özlem is a celebrated author. Her books, including “Fra Føtex til Folketinget” (“From Føtex to the Parliament”), offer insightful perspectives on her personal experiences as a public figure, nurse, and bridge-builder between cultures. Her work has been recognized and featured in various media outlets, including BBC.

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Speaker Özlem Cekic Keynote Topic

Cultural Integration in the Workplace: Embracing Diversity, Building Bridges

Özlem Cekic provides practical ideas and advice for public and private workplaces to bridge cultural differences, promote understanding among employees, and reap the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce.

Audience takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of a common understanding between employees from diverse cultural backgrounds to create a harmonious and productive workplace environment.
  • Learn strategies to break down cultural barriers and foster responsibility among employees, contributing to a stronger sense of unity and collaboration.
  • Explore methods for conflict resolution and effective communication within a multicultural workforce, enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Discover how to leverage the benefits of diversity in the workplace, including increased innovation, creativity, and a broader perspective on problem-solving.
  • Gain insights into Özlem’s experiences and recommendations for creating an inclusive workplace that supports individuals from diverse backgrounds and allows them to thrive and contribute to society.
Speaker Özlem Cekic Keynote Topic

Bridging Divides: Promoting Cultural Understanding and Integration in a Diverse World

Özlem Cekic shares her experiences and insights on fostering common understanding and building bridges across cultures, emphasizing the importance of democratic dialogue and open discussions to find common ground.

Audience takeaways:

  • Learn practical strategies for creating a democratic debate and constructive dialogue between individuals with opposing beliefs.
  • Understand the power of listening, understanding, and engaging in discussions to find solutions that work for everyone.
  • Explore ways to build bridges instead of perpetuating divisions, enabling cultural integration and fostering a sense of unity within communities.
  • Gain insights into Özlem’s personal encounters with individuals from different backgrounds, challenging the notion of avoiding tough conversations and encouraging empathy.
  • Discover the benefits of cultural diversity in schools and workplaces, and learn how to create an inclusive environment that values and harnesses the strengths of diverse employees.
Speaker Özlem Cekic Keynote Topic

How can we build bridges across cultures?

The world is experiencing a wave of refugees – and the number of immigrants is increasing. Never before has there been such a strong need for common understanding between communties within a country. We need to create understanding despite differences.

Özlem’s motto is that despite our differences, we have more that brings us together than pushes us apart. In her experience, conflicts arise due to the absence of a democratic debate between people. Talking things through is how Özlem believes we will find common ground between different cultures.

Staying true to her motto Özlem Cekic has visited a variety of people – both ones with common values and those she had completely opposite beliefs from. She calls it a ”discussion cafe” where the goal isn’t to convince the opposition of your point, but to listen, understand and get a discussion going. In the end you can create solutions that work for everyone and create a common understanding.

Lets build bridges instead of digging graves. Özlem tells the story of how she met with right-wing extremists, immigrants who refuse to integrate, islamist extremists and conservative christian priests. The thing all they have in common is that most people don’t want to talk to them, and most people choose to ignore their arguments because they are tough to listen to.

Speaker Özlem Cekic provides ideas for how schools, as well as public and private workplaces can build bridges between cultures and help individuals rise in society.

Possible angles:

  • 1) How can you give boys with a minority background a positive future?
  • 2) Headscarf – freedom or oppression?
  • 3) How can we get immigrants to vote?
Speaker Özlem Cekic Keynote Topic

Social Integration in the Workplace – How can we build bridges between employee groups?

Due to an increasing number of immigrants in both private and public workplaces, there are more employees with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds than ever before.

It’s essential for both employees and managers to have a common understanding bridging any cultural differences, so they can enjoy the many benefits of a culturally diverse workplace.

This talk contains practical ideas for how public and private institutions can build bridges between their employees and create more individuals who rise from their beginnings and contribute to society. In addition, Özlem gives great advice for how workplaces create a common understanding between employees with different cultural backgrounds and, not least, how to break down cultural barriers and have everyone become more responsible.

This talk is ideal for workplaces, both employee and leader group, wishing to improve the cultural integration of their employees. Özlem provides advice on how workplaces can gain benefits from diversity in their workplace. To achieve this, they need to learn conflict-handling and building bridges.

Watch Özlem Cekicin action!

Why I have coffee with people who send me hate mail | Özlem Cekic

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