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Speaker Lindsey Agness is one of the top change specialists in the United Kingdom. She is an expert in helping clients to achieve their results through their people. Previously, she worked as a change management consultant for PwC. Currently, as CEO of her company The Change Corporation, Lindsey assists organisations in changing their culture and the behaviour of their staff, specialising in supporting leaders to drive digital culture change.

Why you should book Speaker Lindsey Agness

  • Lindsey has experience working with businesses – she worked with PwC as a change management specialist for over a decade.
  •  With her capability to establish and manage a successful transformation, the company will experience solid results through their people.
  • As a Master Trainer of ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ and Practitioner in ‘Brain and Behaviour Change’, Lindsey understands the psychological side of change.

Lindsey is a specialist in building staff engagement and motivation leading to performance improvement and behavioural change. Previously, Lindsey worked as a coach and change management consultant for PwC. Today, as the CEO of her company The Change Corporation, speaker Lindsey Agness is dedicated to helping organisations by improving their cultures.

To help organisations, speaker Lindsey Agness delivers engaging keynotes. By applying her collaborative and flexible approach, Lindsey builds capacity and capability for companies. She has a special ability to work closely with leaders as their coach to establish and manage their development. As a result, organisations are constantly getting solid and measurable results. Previously, Lindsey Agness worked together with leaders from Google and ING, helping them to lead digital culture change and build their change management capabilities.

Lindsey is the author of four books, including the best sellers Change Your Life with NLP and Change Your Business with NLP. At the 2017 NLP Awards, she was the runner-up in the category NLP in Making a Difference for her outstanding contribution to the field of NLP.

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Keynote by speaker Lindsey Agness

Become a Leader of Digital Culture Change

  • Digital technologies are transforming the world at an insane pace: company leaders must learn to embrace Digital Leadership. In this keynote, Speaker Lindsey Agness brilliantly presents the essence of a digital leader, pinpointing the behaviours and competencies necessary to succeed in the digital world.
  • She gives you the latest trends, proven methods of change management and the best practical examples from companies that have gone through successful changes. You will leave knowing how to take action to transform your leadership skills to kick start your organisation’s digital success.
Keynote by speaker Lindsey Agness

How to Embed Successful Behaviour Change

  • A common struggle of companies experiencing change is to adapt their employees’ behaviours to the new ways of doing business. Speaker Lindsey Agness created this keynote to help leaders engage with their staff and to motivate them to change.
  • During the talk, Lindsey introduces the six key steps for sustainable culture change. After the session, delegates will leave with a practical action plan, ready to be applied in their own contexts.
Keynote by speaker Lindsey Agness

How to Build Change Management Capability in Your Company

  • Very often companies spend big budgets on change management consultants. What if you could learn to develop your own change ambassadors with a bit of help from Lindsey?
  • Speaker Lindsey Agness will guide you through the ‘must-haves’ when succeeding in motivating your staff to change and you will leave with a blue print of how to get started.
Watch speaker Lindsey Agness in action

Leading Digital Culture Change

Watch speaker Lindsey Agness talking about how to lead digital change!

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Your session gave us some great insights and memorable leadership story telling – thank you. I got a lot out of it and it was wonderful to hear colleagues reflecting and using what they had heard throughout the rest of the session and we will aim to keep that momentum going. I hope our paths may cross again.

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