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Skeesuck Gray

Justin Skeesuck & Patrick Gray

travels from USA

Lifelong friends best-known for the popular book and movie “I’ll Push You” as well as their inspirational adventures

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Speakers Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray are the two friends behind the popular book and movie “I’ll Push You”. The two of them are lifelong friends and have been on many adventures together, despite the fact that Justin is in a wheelchair. Their friendship and teamwork is an inspiration to many corporations, organizations and institutions. 

About Justin Skeesuck & Patrick Gray:

When Justin Skeesuck got the idea of going on an epic adventure and  experience the ancient pilgrimage Camino de Santiago, but he knew he needed help.

Justin has a neuromuscular disease and is unable to use his  arms and legs. When he asked his best friend, Patrick Gray, what he thought of this crazy idea, he simply answered “I’ll push you!”. Since then, they’ve published a book and a movie about their journey and adventure, which both received outstanding reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Rotten Tomatoes. Their keynotes are just as popular, and in 2017 they spoke to more than 100,000 people live.

Justin and Patrick’s adventure took them on ups and downs and taught them how much we can accomplish if we know our own limitations, ask for help and work together. Through their adventures, they’ve explored the meaning of true leadership, teamwork and human connection, and on stage their friendship shines through as they inspire and engage with the audience.

As bestselling, authors and highly sought after keynote speakers, Justin and Patrick use their life/work experiences and their adventures  as the backdrop to which they explore concepts such as leadership, team work, relationship, and the power of the human collective. They believe the most successful individuals are those who understand their own limitations and invite others to be a part of their journey.

Justin and Patrick’s humor and engaging storytelling leave readers and audience members as king, “What can I do to make my home, my work environment, and the world a better place?


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    Collective Impact: The Power of Community

    • In this keynote, speakers Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray discuss the power of a community. What can you achieve when you and your team come together with one common goal?

    Pushing Beyond Limitations

    • Moving beyond the defined limits we believe we possess requires a conscious decision – deciding to ask for help, which means we must acknowledge the fact we can’t do it on our own. Learn how to embrace your limitations and then push past them.

    Leading Through Service: Be The Exception of How You Lead Others

    • This keynote is about discovering how to lead through serving others.What we choose to do and how we choose to do it is one of the most powerful representations of what we value, and what we believe.

    Leading Through Vulnerability: How To Do More & Do It Better!

    • Leading through vulnerability means to own your vulnerability and knowing how to use it! Within all the many leadership books, there is one thing that cannot be denied: vulnerability is your strength!
Justin Skeesuck & Patrick Gray - video

500 miles, Two Best Friends, and One Wheelchair by speakers Justin Skeesuck & Patrick Gray at TEDxBoise

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See keynotes with Justin Skeesuck & Patrick Gray
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