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Revolutionizing Education: A Disruptive Approach

Michael Conner

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Harness the power of agility and evolution with Dr. Michael Conner, esteemed author and architect of educational transformation.

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Discover unparalleled leadership insights with Dr. Michael Conner, renowned CEO of Agile Evolutionary Group and architect of the groundbreaking Disruptive Effect Model. With a diverse background spanning education and innovation, Dr. Conner delivers transformative keynotes that propel organizations to new heights of success.

Why you should book Michael Conner for your next event

  • Michael Conner’s groundbreaking creation, the Disruptive Effect Model, has revolutionized the education landscape, earning widespread acclaim for its transformative impact.
  • As an award-winning CEO/Founder, Michael Conner’s leadership and vision have propelled organizations to unprecedented levels of success, setting a standard for excellence in the industry.
  • Michael Conner’s illustrious career spans roles as a superintendent, educator, and author, cementing his reputation as a thought leader and catalyst for change in the field of education.

As a renowned motivational speaker, Michael Conner brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table. With a distinguished background as the CEO/Founder of the Agile Evolutionary Group and a former superintendent of schools, Michael Conner understands the intricacies of organizational change like few others.

When you book Michael Conner for your event, you’re not just getting a speaker – you’re getting a strategic partner committed to your organization’s success. Michael’s dynamic keynotes are tailored to inspire action and drive results, offering practical strategies and innovative approaches that are grounded in real-world experience.

From his pioneering work on the Disruptive Effect Model to his acclaimed book, “Intentional, Bold, and Unapologetic: A Guide to Transforming Schools,” Michael Conner is known for his ability to deliver actionable insights that spark meaningful change.

Whether you’re grappling with leadership challenges, seeking to enhance educational outcomes, or striving for innovation in your industry, Michael Conner’s presentations offer the guidance and inspiration you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Book Michael Conner for your next event and empower your organization to embrace change, drive innovation, and achieve unparalleled success.

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Keynote by Michael Conner

The Before COVID Stage of Education to the After COVID Stage of Education

Understanding the Sequence of AI and Digital Integration for All

The education ecosystem is experiencing a radical shift in the context of operationalizing emergent technologies into the business model. With paradoxes regarding implementation and coordinating an organizational strategy of impact, lamenting these shifts will become arduous in the After COVID-19 Stage (AC-Stage of Education).

In this keynote, audience members will unpack the third pillar of the renowned research from the Disruptive Effect Model (AI Integration and digital Reimagination) to realize readiness for optimizing new emergent technologies, generative AI, and structures of artificial intelligence into the organizational strategy successfully.

Audience key takeaways will include foundational understanding of artificial intelligence and its transformative potential, strategies for integrating AI solutions into organizational frameworks, and innovative delivery models for Generation Z and Generation Alpha.


Keynote by Michael Conner

The Disruptive Effect Model

Preparing Learning Organizations and Leaders for the Future Trends of Education

The novelty of COVID-19 presented many compounding variables that correlate with the exacerbation of high-quality opportunities that are meaningful to Generation Z and Generation Alpha. Education leaders and stakeholders are seeking new ideologies and methods to employ with the futuristic demands in the industry.

In this keynote, unpack the Disruptive Effect Model (i.e., Anchors of Innovation Science and Disruptive Excellence Framework) to shift leadership practices for an entrepreneurial approach in education. Moreover, to couple this dynamic approach for rapid change, unwrap the “learning sciences” in the Disruptive Excellence Framework to root iterative practices in education.

Supported by research and advanced analytical applications, audience key takeaways will include a baseline understanding of the Disruptive Effect Model, strategies to interface entrepreneurial management practices into education, and techniques to apply a learning science approach to change existing structures and systems to be future-focused.


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