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Sarah Porter

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Unlock the power of AI with Sarah Porter, founder of InspiredMinds and World Summit AI, and transform your organization's approach to technology.

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Elevate your event with Sarah Porter, an award-winning tech entrepreneur and UN advisor on emerging technology. As the founder of InspiredMinds and World Summit AI, she brings unparalleled insights on AI, innovation, and technology democratization. Empower your organization with her expertise, visionary leadership, and proven track record in driving global tech transformations.

Why you should book Sarah Porter for your next event

  • Built InspiredMinds, a 220,000-strong tech community, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among top AI professionals.
  • Founded the first STEM school and online education platform for Afghan girls, promoting technology access and equality in education.
  • Founded World Summit AI, attracting 16,000+ experts from 167 countries, leading global AI discussions and innovations.

Sarah Porter, through her compelling keynotes, offers strategic clarity honed from her leadership as the founder and CEO of InspiredMinds. With a global community of 220,000 AI and tech experts under her wing, Sarah is at the forefront of shaping the future of technology.

Book Sarah Porter for your event and harness her expertise in catalyzing innovation across diverse sectors. From pioneering advancements in healthcare through Intelligent Health to spearheading climate solutions with TMinus-30, Sarah’s insights are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Her transformative approach not only enhances technological capabilities but also fosters a culture of continuous innovation.

Beyond her entrepreneurial achievements, Sarah Porter serves as an advisor to influential bodies like the UN and the EU AI council, advocating for ethical tech practices and global accessibility. Her initiatives, such as founding the InspiredMinds Foundation and championing STEM education initiatives, underscore her commitment to bridging technological divides and empowering future generations.

By booking Sarah Porter for your event, you ensure your audience gains actionable strategies and visionary perspectives that propel business growth and societal impact. Discover why organizations worldwide trust Sarah Porter to deliver keynote speeches that navigate the complexities of today’s tech-driven landscape with clarity, insight, and purpose.

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Keynote by Sarah Porter

Navigating AI's Future: Ethical Insights and Global Impact

Facing challenges in navigating the complexities of Artificial Intelligence’s impact on our future? How can we ensure AI benefits humanity without leaving anyone behind? Keynotes by Sarah Porter offer a transformative perspective. As a pioneer in AI ethics and tech democratization, Sarah Porter’s insights reshape the narrative. Her talks not only illuminate AI’s potential in healthcare and entrepreneurship but also advocate for women’s rights and global resilience.

With a deep understanding of psychology and futurism, Sarah empowers audiences to embrace AI responsibly. Her advocacy for Afghan women and girls underscores her commitment to inclusive tech development, resonating profoundly in the wake of Kabul’s fall. Sarah Porter’s keynotes inspire actionable strategies that navigate the ethical, societal, and technological landscapes of tomorrow with clarity and purpose.

Key takeaways: 

  • Gain insights into AI’s impact on humanity’s future.
  • Ensure AI advancements prioritize inclusivity and ethics.
  • Explore AI’s potential in healthcare and entrepreneurship.
  • Advocate for global resilience and women’s rights.
  • Embrace responsible AI adoption with a focus on societal benefit
Watch Sarah Porter in action!

WELCOME by Sarah Porter, CEO and Founder, InspiredMinds!

Watch Sarah Porter in action!

Welcome from Sarah Porter - World Summit AI 2022 Opening

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