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Mastering Growth and Innovation Strategies

Tiffani Bova

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Discover growth strategies with Tiffani Bova, 2x WSJ Bestselling Author and former Salesforce executive, renowned for transforming sales and innovation.

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Discover Tiffani Bova, the renowned Growth, Innovation, and Sales Transformation Keynote Speaker. Former Chief Growth Evangelist at Salesforce, 2x WSJ Bestselling Author, and Two-time Thinkers50 Top Management Thinker. With a career highlighted by accolades like the Gartner Thought Leadership Award, she delivers unparalleled insights on customer and employee experience worldwide. Engage Tiffani to empower your team with actionable strategies honed through over 1,000 keynotes across six continents.

Why you should book Tiffani Bova for your next event

  • Transform your sales strategies with Tiffani Bova’s unparalleled insights and proven methodologies, tailored to drive sustainable growth.
  • Gain actionable tools and frameworks for innovation that empower your team to navigate complex business landscapes effectively.
  • Pioneered groundbreaking growth and innovation strategies during her tenure as Chief Growth Evangelist at Salesforce, influencing global business practices.

Looking for a keynote speaker who can transform your organization’s growth and innovation strategies? Look no further than Keynote Speaker Tiffani Bova, a renowned motivational speaker celebrated for her expertise in sales transformation, customer experience, and global business strategies. With a compelling ability to inspire and educate, Tiffani Bova offers invaluable insights into navigating today’s competitive landscape.

As a former Chief Growth Evangelist at Salesforce and a two-time Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Tiffani Bova brings unparalleled credibility and depth to every speaking engagement. Her keynotes are not just informative but actionable, providing audiences with practical tools and frameworks to drive sustainable growth and enhance customer loyalty.

Booking Tiffani Bova for your event means gaining access to a wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of pioneering research and hands-on experience. Recognized as a top business thinker by Thinkers50 and acclaimed for her contributions to sales and marketing thought leadership, Tiffani Bova is at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

Whether you are looking to revitalize your sales strategies, improve customer engagement, or foster a culture of innovation within your organization, Tiffani Bova delivers impactful presentations that resonate with diverse audiences. Her dynamic speaking style and ability to tailor content to specific industry challenges make her a sought-after speaker worldwide.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your next corporate event or conference with the insights of Tiffani Bova. Book Tiffani Bova for your event and empower your team with strategies that drive measurable results and set your organization apart in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Future-proof your business for revenue growth

In an ever-shifting landscape of technology, AI, and market expectations, it’s easy for companies to feel weighed down and get caught up in a challenging loop of dissatisfied customers, disengaged employees, and slowing growth.

Today’s business leaders are facing the unique challenge of attracting and retaining top talent, all while navigating increasing pressure to optimize costs and enhance productivity. These hurdles are just a glimpse of the complex puzzle that companies are striving to solve in their quest for continued and accelerated growth.

But here’s the beacon of hope: Tiffani Bova, an authority in the world of growth, sales, and customer and employee experience. Drawing from the wisdom encapsulated in her two Wall Street Journal best-selling books, The Experience Mindset and Growth IQ, Tiffani leverages two decades of experience advising some of the world’s most renowned brands on growth and innovation. Her journey as a research fellow at Gartner and her role as the global growth evangelist at Salesforce have honed her into a true industry luminary.

Tiffani doesn’t just offer solutions; she provides a holistic framework, a roadmap to sustainable top-line growth in an ever-evolving environment. Her advice transcends mere business strategy; it encompasses the art of cultivating a resilient company culture that thrives in the face of change. Her guidance also delves into the transformative power of data-driven decisions and the ability to inspire change throughout your organization.

By seamlessly integrating the capabilities of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, with the wisdom of proven practices, Tiffani empowers your organization to tackle even the most formidable business challenges. It’s not just about adaptation; it’s about thriving and flourishing during certain and uncertain times.

Prepare for an enlightening journey led by one of the world’s foremost authorities on growth, sales, and customer and employee experience: Tiffani Bova. With her guidance, you’re not just navigating change; you’re charting a course towards continued success and inspiration.

Takeaways include:

  • How to uncover the current market context to shape your future strategies.
  • Learning the most common paths back to profitable and sustainable growth in challenging times.
  • Looking to your people and your customers to guide your strategy.
  • Understanding how to make the proper investments in the business across people, processes, and technology.
Keynote by speaker Tiffani Bova

Revolutionizing sales: Shaping tomorrow’s success and harnessing AI for business growth

In a world where traditional sales tactics have lost their shine, the time for embracing cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics has arrived. These innovations hold the power to supercharge pipeline velocity, enhance quota attainment, and forge stronger customer connections. Those who seize the potential of these tools not only outshine their competitors but also raise the bar for what success means.

Enter Tiffani Bova, the unrivaled authority on sales and customer experience for the past three decades. Bova advocates transformation isn’t solely about technology—it’s a profound shift in mindset. It’s about kindling a passion for delivering exceptional seller experiences, nurturing leadership grounded in growth, fostering a culture of champions, and making customer-centricity your guiding star.

In her electrifying presentation, driven by insights from her Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Growth IQ, Tiffani Bova draws upon her vast experience as a sales leader in both startups and Fortune 500 giants and as an early adopter and user of AI and other technologies. Her wisdom isn’t just theoretical; she’s been in the trenches, advising some of the largest sales organizations during their transformative journeys. With a distinguished background as a research fellow at Gartner and her role as the former global growth evangelist at Salesforce, she’s been at the forefront of industry shifts. And she’s been speaking, writing, and advising on the application and benefits of AI for over half of a decade.

Get ready to ignite your audience, infuse them with passion, and unlock their full potential as Tiffani unveils the keys to not just keeping up with the evolving landscape but thriving and prospering within it. This is your chance to lead the charge, redefine the rules of sales, and set new standards for success. With Tiffani Bova’s insights, you’re not just adapting to change; you’re becoming a driving force in the ever-changing world of sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to give time back to sellers to establish a trusted relationship with customers, and improve quota attainment and revenue growth through the use of AI and other tools.
  • How to set yourself and your sales teams up for a win before you ever meet a customer.
  • How better to retain talent, coach and mentor the next generation of sellers.
  • How to accelerate pipeline velocity by improving the systems LEARN LESS
Keynote by speaker Tiffani Bova

The experience mindset: The flywheel of growth

For years, many companies have operated under the illusion that positive customer satisfaction scores and moderately good growth rates were enough to conceal a lurking issue: the silent suffering of the employee experience (EX) in the relentless pursuit of customer experience (CX) perfection.

It’s true; you can have good CX and a subpar EX and still manage to grow. You can even maintain a state of “good enough” for both EX and CX and eke out growth. But to truly soar, to break through the limits of the status quo, you must do more. You must enhance both in tandem, nurturing the symbiotic relationship between employee and customer experience, where both flourish and propel each other to new heights.

In this groundbreaking presentation, led by the renowned expert in sales, customer experience, and revenue growth, Tiffani Bova, you will discover how to unlock a new paradigm of growth from the inside out. Drawing from the insights encapsulated in her Wall Street Journal best-selling book, The Experience Mindset, and groundbreaking global research, Tiffani will guide you on the path to harmonizing these two essential dimensions.

Prepare for a transformative experience that will challenge the self-imposed tension between EX and CX, paving the way for a new, harmonious operating philosophy. As Tiffani reveals the blueprint for this convergence, you’ll be equipped with actionable insights and invaluable guidance that transcends theory and moves into practical implementation.

This is your chance to defy convention, to revolutionize your organization, and to embark on a journey toward remarkable and exceptional experiences and growth. With Tiffani Bova as your guide, you’re not just pushing boundaries; you’re shattering them, forging a path that challenges the status quo and leads to a future where the fusion of EX and CX accelerates explosive growth.

You’ll get actionable information and advice on how to put a new operating philosophy into action, including:

  • How to identify and eliminate the unconscious tension between internal efforts focused on employees and customers that prevents organizations from leveraging both to create a flywheel of momentum.
  • What are the biggest challenges identified by both employees and the C-Suite to company growth.
  • What aspects of the employee experience have the greatest impact on customer experience?
  • How companies can, will, and are designing effective people-centered growth strategies and technology game-changers such as artificial intelligence.
  • Where to begin to maximize organizational efficiency across people, process, technology and culture [PPTC] in a more balanced and intentional way.
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