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Empowering Diversity in Beauty

Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks, iconic supermodel and Emmy-winning TV producer, inspires with her groundbreaking journey and teaches organizations to redefine success.

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Discover Tyra Banks, an iconic entrepreneur and global influencer, renowned for breaking barriers in fashion and media. With accolades including Emmy awards and TIME's Most Influential list, Tyra inspires audiences worldwide with her transformative insights on branding, leadership, and empowerment. As creator of America’s Next Top Model and founder of SMiZE & DREAM, she embodies innovation and resilience, guiding organizations to embrace creativity and achieve their dreams. 

Why you should book Tyra Banks for your next event

  • Delve into the visionary mind behind America’s Next Top Model, where Tyra Banks reshaped the fashion industry and defined new standards of beauty and success.
  • Learn personal branding from Tyra Banks, who taught at Stanford Business School and empowers future leaders.
  • Celebrate Tyra’s groundbreaking achievements, from becoming the first African-American on the Sports Illustrated cover to influencing global perceptions of beauty and self-worth.

Discover the transformative power of Keynote Speaker Tyra Banks, celebrated motivational speaker and trailblazer in entrepreneurship and media. Renowned for her role as creator and host of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks brings unparalleled insights into leadership, branding, and diversity to your event.

Book Tyra Banks for your event and empower your organization with strategies that resonate in today’s competitive landscape. Tyra’s journey, from breaking barriers in the fashion industry as the first African-American model on the cover of Sports Illustrated to her Emmy-winning TV productions, exemplifies innovation and resilience.

Tyra Banks’ keynotes inspire actionable change, equipping teams with the tools to foster inclusive cultures and drive creative excellence. Her sessions transcend motivational speaking, offering practical advice on personal branding, storytelling, and navigating complex challenges with confidence.

With a Tyra Banks booking, your event becomes a platform for transformative learning and growth. Elevate your team’s understanding of effective leadership and embrace diversity as a driver of success. Tyra’s dynamic presentations ensure lasting impact, empowering your organization to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. Book Tyra Banks for your event and embark on a journey towards leadership excellence and visionary success.

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Keynote by Tyra Banks

Empowering Diversity: Redefining Beauty Standards

Imagine breaking free from conventional beauty standards and embracing true inclusivity. Tyra Banks, a trailblazer for equal opportunities, solves this challenge through her empowering keynotes on entrepreneurship. From founding TZONE to supporting smart entrepreneurs via SMiZE Cream, Tyra ignites passion and purpose. Her insights redefine success beyond stereotypes, fostering a culture where every idea thrives. Book Tyra Banks to transform your perspective, empower your team, and unleash entrepreneurial spirit like never before. Discover how Tyra Banks’ keynotes unlock new pathways to success and redefine the future of entrepreneurship.


  • Embrace diversity in beauty standards
  • Challenge narrow definitions of beauty
  • Support disadvantaged women and smart entrepreneurs
  • Inspire confidence and celebrate individuality
Watch Tyra Banks in action!

Tyra Banks - Supermodel Turned Super Businesswoman. My Unexpected Journey | Upfront Summit 2020

See keynotes with Tyra Banks
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