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Celebrating Diversity in Media & Beyond

Nia Long

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Meet Nia Long, star of Netflix's #1 comedy "You People", offering powerful keynotes on diversity and inclusion in corporate culture.

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Discover Nia Long, an Award-winning actor celebrated for iconic roles in film and television. From starring in Netflix's #1 comedy to producing gripping thrillers, Nia inspires audiences with her diverse talents and powerful storytelling. Engage your event with a keynote from Nia Long and elevate your audience's experience with her unparalleled insights and inspirational journey through Hollywood's most impactful narratives.

Why you should book Nia Long for your next event

  • Nia Long inspires audiences worldwide with her iconic storytelling, offering profound insights that resonate across industries and empower teams to embrace creativity and innovation.
  • As a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Nia Long brings invaluable perspectives to corporate settings, fostering environments where every voice is celebrated and empowered.
  • Having starred in Netflix’s #1 comedy “You People”, Nia Long’s on-screen brilliance and comedic timing captivate audiences worldwide, making her insights into entertainment industry trends invaluable.

Keynote Speaker Nia Long is a transformative force in the realm of motivational speaking, leveraging her distinguished career in film and television to inspire audiences globally. With a focus on leadership, diversity, and the power of storytelling, Nia delivers compelling keynotes that resonate deeply with organizations seeking to empower their teams.

Renowned for her role portraying Katherine Jackson in the upcoming biopic “Michael”, Nia Long brings firsthand insights into portraying strong characters and navigating complex narratives. Her ability to connect these experiences to broader themes of resilience and personal growth makes her keynotes both impactful and relevant.

Book Nia Long for your event and harness her expertise gained from starring in Netflix’s #1 comedy “You People” and producing gripping thrillers like “Fatal Affair”. Nia’s talks not only explore the dynamics of successful storytelling and the importance of inclusivity but also provide practical strategies for overcoming challenges in today’s competitive landscape.

Nia Long’s engaging presence and charismatic delivery ensure that each keynote leaves a lasting impression, motivating audiences to embrace change, foster creativity, and drive organizational success. Elevate your event with Nia Long’s unique perspective and inspire your audience to reach new heights.

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Keynote by Nia Long

Inspiring Change: Diversity and Feminism in Focus

With a focus on women’s rights, diversity, and feminism, Nia inspires change through her powerful storytelling and authentic leadership. Her speeches ignite passion for gender equality and foster a supportive environment where women thrive. By booking Nia Long for your event, you’ll empower your audience with strategies to promote inclusivity, embrace diversity, and champion women’s empowerment. Elevate your organization with Nia’s transformative messages and lead the way towards a more equitable and empowered future.


  • Promote gender equality and women’s rights
  • Foster a supportive environment for women
  • Embrace diversity and inclusivity
  • Inspire authentic leadership among women
  • Champion empowerment through storytelling
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Nia Long Celebrates the Power of Women Voters

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