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Mastering Business Growth from a Billionaire

Kevin O’Leary

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Kevin O'Leary, Shark Tank star, helps businesses thrive with insights from his $4.2B Learning Company success.

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Kevin O'Leary, Shark Tank star and billionaire entrepreneur, delivers game-changing business insights from his $4.2B company success. Boost your growth with proven strategies. Book now!

Why you should book Kevin O'Leary for your next event

  • Unlock billion-dollar growth strategies and practical business insights from a top venture capitalist with Kevin O’Leary.
  • Leverage proven methods for maximizing business profitability and achieving sustained growth with Kevin O’Leary.
  • Shark Tank star with a track record of successful investments, providing valuable insights and strategies.

Imagine navigating the complexities of business growth, where every decision could mean the difference between success and failure. What if you could have a roadmap crafted by someone who has repeatedly turned entrepreneurial dreams into billion-dollar realities? This is precisely what you get with keynote speaker Kevin O’Leary.

Known for his sharp business acumen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary brings a wealth of experience as a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and motivational speaker. His journey began in the basement of his Toronto home, where he founded SoftKey Software Products, later sold for $4.2 billion. This pivotal achievement showcases his ability to scale businesses from the ground up, making him an ideal keynote speaker for organizations seeking practical, actionable insights.

Book Kevin O’Leary for your event and benefit from his proven strategies in business growth, investment, and market leadership. As a motivational speaker, Kevin O’Leary inspires audiences with real-world examples of overcoming challenges and achieving extraordinary success. His insights are not just theoretical; they are drawn from a career of leading companies to major acquisitions, like Storage Now’s $110 million sale and Stream Global Services’ $820 million acquisition.

Incorporating Kevin O’Leary’s expertise into your event will empower your team with innovative strategies and a success-driven mindset. Kevin O’Leary booking ensures that your organization gains valuable perspectives from a leader who has made a significant impact in various industries. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your business approach—book Kevin O’Leary for your next event and unlock the secrets to exponential growth and success.

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Keynote by speaker Kevin O'Leary

Cold Hard Truth

Kevin O’Leary, one of North America’s most successful entrepreneurs, reveals the secrets that made him rich and shares his personal advice for those from every walk of life. Kevin describes his incredible journey, from his sometimes difficult childhood to the way he built his first company, managed personal pressures, and ultimately achieved remarkable success. His advice is engaging and practical – and will help audience members become the best entrepreneurs and business people that they can be. Topics cover business, money, and life, including how to find your calling and turn your talents into a profitable venture; building a dream team; transforming adversity into opportunity, and making and growing your business–and your money.

Keynote by speaker Kevin O'Leary

Lessons From A Shark

Kevin O’Leary will take you on a behind-the-scenes look at his hit show Shark Tank. He’ll share entertaining and insightful outtakes from his TV shows – videos you can’t see anywhere else, along with a current economic overview and how it relates to your industry, and finally, he’ll be a ‘secret agent’ for your industry with insights into how your industry is performing, where the innovation is coming from and more. All based on a content review of your industry prior to the event.

Keynote by speaker Kevin O'Leary

Fireside chat with Kevin O'Leary: Understanding & Thriving in an Uncertain World

We are all facing a new and potentially challenging era at home and in our businesses: unusual presidential campaigns and high-pressure elections, high-interest rates, stock markets declining, and growing geopolitical tensions.

An industry titan and champion of small businesses who frequently appears on major networks including CNBC and Fox, Kevin O’Leary has an ear to the ground on all things business and economics. In this moderated fireside chat, he brings the host and audience up to speed on the economy, rising interest rates, elections, and how to better understand the intersections between politics and economics and how they influence our world. Questions can be custom-tailored to your company and audience.

Recommended topics include:

  • Where is the US and international economy headed in 2024 and beyond?
  • What is the outlook for US interest rates, consumer and business spending, inflation, and energy prices?
  • What changes can we expect in supply chains, labor markets, and real estate?
  • How do small business owners protect themselves in an increasingly chaotic market?
  • How US – Chinese tensions are being managed and what are the implications?
  • What is the likely end game in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?
  • Which geopolitical threats are likely to erupt next — and what can you do to protect your business from catastrophe?
  • American Business 2.0
  • When the great Covid Pandemic of 2020 hit the world, it altered the American business landscape. While many businesses like restaurants, airlines, and shared workplaces (think WeWork) went out of business or were reduced drastically, online businesses like Zoom, Adobe, and Shopify flourished.  Meanwhile, changes that were happening slowly in the workplace, such as remote work, flexible schedules, and online retailing, accelerated rapidly and became the norm. In this talk on the future of business, Kevin O’Leary will share other changes that are happening so you and your company can be prepared for American Business 2.0.
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See keynotes with Kevin O’Leary
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