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Jutta Kleinschmidt

Trained Physicist and Rally Driver
Country: Germany

Keynote speaker Jutta Kleinschmidt was the first female winner of the Paris-Dakar Rally which she won in 2001. Since then, awards and honours have poured in for the charismatic German driver. She is a passionate and energetic speaker with a focus on management, achieving results and extreme sport.

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The trained physicist and speaker Jutta Kleinschmidt is one of the most successful ladies in global motorsport. She is the first and so far the only woman who has ever taken outright victory in the most difficult and longest rally of the world, the Dakar Rally.

In her lectures, the heartening speaker Jutta Kleinschmidt motivates her audience to trust themselves and the team and to enter risks to succeed. In her lively and capturing style, she tells how she managed to succeed in a man’s world with plenty of effort, stamina, ambition, creativity and courage.

The public gets an inside view of how Jutta Kleinschmidt always motivates herself and her team for new challenges and how setbacks have positive impacts as well. She uses her experience gained in borderline situations.

The extremes are her passion: Since 2004, Jutta Kleinschmidt has a licence as a helicopter pilot. She is also fascinated by sports biking: In 2003, she crossed the Alps on her bicycle and in 2004, she contested the Race Across America cycle competition and the Ötztal Marathon.

Our speaker Jutta Kleinschmidt offers new approaches and inspirations to her public for both personal and professional aspects of life. Kleinschmidt has many years of experience as a speaker. Profit from practical examples for your daily business and use Jutta Kleinschmidt’s experience to achieve your own goals!

    Speaker Jutta Kleinschmidt Keynote Topics

    • The adventure of desert rallying
    • Motivation
    • Team work
    • Achieving goals
    • Managing challenges
    • Crisis management
    • Sports / Adventure / Extremes
    • Technical aspects in desert rallying
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