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Best Hygge Speakers

As an integral part of Scandinavian culture, hygge rapidly conquered the world. However, one could still ask the question: what is hygge? Many people are left wondering about the true meaning of the word as it is often regarded as the Scandinavian key to work-life balance and happiness. Want to find out the secret behind the hygge lifestyle? Book one of our Top Hygge Speakers for your next event, seminar or conference.

Best Hygge Speakers and Experts

  • As the World Happiness Report concludes, Scandinavian countries are constantly among the happiest countries in the world — hygge being an integral part to the success.
  • Hygge is tremendously important in improving the well-being of an individual. Furthermore, it also plays an important role in strengthening trust within the organization and contributes to equality in the community.
  • To find out how to achieve better work-life balance, improve your relationships and live a happier life, book a keynote on hygge now! Our inspiring experts will show you how to incorporate the hygge style in the workplace or personal life.
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“Giving courage, comfort and joy”

On an interesting account, the word hygge comes form a Danish word meaning “giving courage, comfort, joy”. Furthermore, the adjective hyggelig also exist in the language to describe things as hygge-like: it is possible to have a hyggelig evening, a hyggelig dinner or just having a hyggelig time with your friends.

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