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Interview with Allan Pease

Learn more about the charismatic and talented negotiation speaker, Allan Pease. He talks about fear, communication and his keynotes.

How are your keynotes unique?

Allan’s presentation has 3 key elements. 1. Science and fact based. 2. Real life stories and events. 3. Entertaining and humorous.


How do you usually battle fear?

What fear?


Why is body language important?

Body language accounts for 60-80% of all face to face interaction. Others form opinions in under 4 minutes of meeting someone.


Who or what inspires you most?

Any person who has put their neck on the line to achieve the unseemly possible.


Could you give some examples of how men and women communicate differently?

Men talk using direct language and can come across aggressive to many women. Women avoid direct language and communicate effectively using indirect terms in codes that few men understand.


Who would benefit most from your presentations and why?

All audiences regardless of culture or language because everyone’s ability to achieve success in their business and personal life is directly related to their ability to persuade others.


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