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Interview with Dr. Jason Carthen

Inspiration, motivation and willpower are not only what defines Dr. Jason Carthen, but also what he transmits to his audience. In his interview with A-Speakers The Leadership Linebacker provides insights into his method and preparation. Read more in the interview below.

How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

I relish the opportunity to engage in research prior to an event. Whether a keynote, a conference or panel discussion, the research allows me to understand the goals of the event and how I can bring something unique that will add value.


What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

I have been invited to speak at the University of Oxford in England two times, I have given the keynote address at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I had the privilege of addressing over 20,000 people at Quicken Loans arena home of the Pro Basketball Team the Cleveland Cavaliers…that was surreal!


You are also known as the Leadership Linebacker™, how would you characterize this role?

As a former NFL Linebacker, I am able to uniquely take many of the lessons learned on the football field related to teamwork, hard work, discipline and exceptional effort and translate it to the dimensions of leadership that all leaders need for success. Thus the Leadership Linebacker™ was born.


Can you provide three tips for individuals struggling with motivation?

1st: Clearly understand what your purpose is in life, in other words, do the work that will reveal that before doing anything else.
2nd: Prepare yourself to go after small self-mastery moments that create a certain level of momentum as you pursue any task or goal. The more self-mastery moments you have, the greater your ability to harness positive motivation fueled by success.
3rd: Remove any negative triggers that cause mental baggage which slows down your ability to succeed, for example, surround yourself with those who are like-minded and activities that point to a positive mind-set as you push hard toward your goals and dreams. Do not be deterred by your current circumstances.


What of results do clients experience after your keynotes?

“Wow, moments and feeling of Aha, that’s what I have been missing!” Some have shared they have an epiphany about their own functioning and ability to succeed. Some have expressed that I have initiated a certain level of practical speaking & training which helps them understand complicated ideas and concepts. In other words, I make difficult things seem simple, so all can understand and improve. He is a voice for these times!


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