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Interview with Lesley Everett

In this interview with A-Speakers, popular speaker Lesley Everett discusses the importance of a personal brand and how you can improve it. Read on below.

What is the feeling you would like people to take away?

Motivated to be who they really are as an authentic brand, knowing they have the tools and the positivity to put actions in place to make this happen.


How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

It is important to me to speak directly with the meeting planner or event organizer so I can fully understand the objectives for the event from their point of view. Often by speaking voice to voice, or face to face if possible, I can uncover a hidden desire that might make all the difference to the content. I will then spend some time understanding the client’s culture and values so that this part of my presentation is fully congruent with their way of thinking and they can relate to it.

Once the preparation work has been put in I can feel fully confident and excited about the delivery and it hitting the mark.

In terms of my personal preparation before getting on stage, having spent sometime in the audience and meeting the client, I like to spend a few minutes on my own, engaging my head and going over the first few words and sentences. When this is done, then I’m ready….


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I love the sense that the years of experience of working in my field of personal branding, I can now share in it’s richest form to many people and hopefully provide the motivation for them to make a difference to their confidence, careers, businesses and lives in general.

I can’t deny either, that I love to get up on a stage or integrate with an audience and enjoy! Something most of my friends and family outside the speaking world just cannot comprehend!


How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

I believe humour is highly important for the audience to fully engage with me and my content. My humour will come in the form of experiences and hopefully things people can relate to easily and will reinforce a point I want to make.


Can you explain the importance of personal branding?

Others will give you a brand anyway, so why not take control and make sure yours is defined in the way you want it to be! Our good brand reputation is everything in business and our careers today – without it we will struggle to stand out, be noticed and memorable. However it is important we are authentic – this is what personal branding is all about, not just having a great image.


How are your keynote presentations unique?

Walking TALL is the methodology I have personally developed, and I use personal stories and anecdotes to illustrate points. I will also build in something that the client or the audience can familiarise with, either the location, personalities in the business or perhaps something unique that I have experienced with their brand.


Do you have any unique memorable moments in your speaking career?

The first time I stood out in front of a 2000 strong audience at an event that I had been dreaming of speaking at for years was an incredible feeling of achievement and pride!

Not quite so positively, I remember falling off the stage (luckily at the end of a presentation) ending up in a heap on the floor with a broken stiletto heel! Then having to hobble through the 350 strong audience in the hotel foyer having just spoken to them about the importance of image!  Now that has become a story of course….

I always love it when people take the time to email me with their success stories after having heard me speak – that’s always the thing that makes me smile the most.


Could you provide some tips for improving your personal brand?

That is a whole presentation or workshop of course! However my 5 top tips would be:

  • Be yourself – discover what it is you want to be ‘famous’ for, what legacy you’d like and what you bring to the table.
  • Write your own brand statement that sums you up in a few sentences. If you’re clear about who you are then you can more easily reinforce this when you communicate and ’sell’ yourself
  • Perceptions are your brand – get feedback from others on the perceptions they have of you – ask them for 3 words only and see how these compare with your view of yourself.
  • Consider the packaging of your brand – your appearance, the way you verbally and non-verbally communicate, how you present, and even the people who represent you. These are all elements of your brand and can reinforce messages or weaken and dilute them.
  • Be consistent – being clear about who you really are will help you to be consistent with the way you communicate every time. If you are one person one day, and another the next, you will send out confusing messages about your brand and others will not view you as authentic and genuine. Could be dangerous in business today.

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