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Interview with Marianne Abib-Pech

In her interview with A-Speakers Marianne Abib-Pech explains how everybody is a leader and how self-confidence can create an ultimate personal value. Read on below.

What is a “leadership lab”?

It is LeadTheFuture!
We came up with this concept about two years ago it is rooted in our  belief about leadership being a never-ending journey. You, me, all of us are  all leaders in the making and to keep developing into the leader you want to be, one needs to observe, take stock, adjust and  act upon … if you reflect for a second, this is what a lab does.

Our program always works, on the 3 circles of leadership: The person,  the immediate environment and the world at large, in a dynamic and agile flow. Because we are a lab, everything we do is bespoke and we work in an ‘ expire mental way’’ putting  the individual(s) at the center, and this what define organisation’s strategy, goals and structure.  As not two people are the same, not two of our programs are the same!

Individuals have different facets, so our programs have a strong ‘’experiment’’ feel. We are pairing, contrasting and at times even opposing different world ( corporate vs entrepreneurship, analytical vs creative), philosophies (Western and Eastern), media and always using all our five senses. We aimed at create impact, inherently by giving individuals different lenses to approach business. Our goal is to make companies consultant-free!

What characteristics does a successful business woman need to have?

I would not put this in plural- I think any successful business person, actually, not women need to demonstrate one attribute: Self-Confidence.

To me, Self-confidence sums everything. It is based on your understanding of yourself, so you can manage who you are. It gives you solidity and resilience, regardless of what is thrown your way, you know you will be just fine.

It demonstrates an ability to filter and change perspective, as we all have good days, bad days, success and failure. More importantly, self-confidence does attract people. Doing business is always..only about people. Self-confident people will naturally attract others, creating network and ultimately value.

Can you provide 3 tips for successful networking?

Be curious, be humble, be yourself!

Who or what inspires you most?

This is the 100 Millions Dollar question.. A lot of thing inspires me, travelling, meeting new people, facing new challenges, solving issues. I guess overall being out of my comfort zone and learning are inspiring for me.  Challenge and Development opportunities this is what makes me tick.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

When I fell from the stage at Nationwide Leadership Conference, twisted by ankle… but still deliver a speech, standing on 6 inches heels! That was a real test on my speaking career, the customer always comes first.

No more seriously, I gave a speech at London Business School Women in Business about Luck back in March 2013. The Q&A that followed lasted for about 1 hour, versus the 30 mins planned, and seeing that my speech triggered thinking and questions in the audience, and that I could actually impact and help shaping their own journey, was exhilarating.


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