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Casey Lartigue Jr.

Casey Lartigue

International Relations Advisor & Co-Founder of Teach North Korean Refugees
Country: South Korea

Our keynote speaker Casey Lartigue is a trusted authority and avid writer on international affairs and education. Lartigue is co-founder of Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR), as well as a columnist with the Korea Times in Seoul. He teaches Public Speaking and Communication at Seoul University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, a member of the Council of Mentors at the Atlas Network in Washington, D.C., and a Goodwill Ambassador of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Before moving to South Korea, our speaker Casey Lartigue received a bachelor’s degree from the Harvard University Extension School and a master’s degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He then worked as a policy analyst with the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom in Washington, D.C. and was the Research and Communications Manager with Fight For Children. His research expertise from this time includes school choice, teacher quality, and minority education.

The keynote speaker Casey Lartigue has spoken at the National Press Club, Georgetown Law Center, Florida State University, the Austrian Economics Summit in Shanghai, the National Press Club, Harvard Law School, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He has been a featured guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, Howard University Television, and the Rush Limbaugh Show, and has testified before the U.S. Congress on school choice in the nation’s capital. Lartigue has also had a career in radio; he was co-host of “The Casey Lartigue Show” on XM Radio 169 The Power, a regular commentator on National Public Radio’s “News and Notes,” and co-host of “North Korea Today: Featuring Casey and Yeonmi.”

Lartigue’s writings have been published in USA Today, Education Week, the New York Post, Education Week, Forbes, Washington Afro-American, National Review online, Asian Week and the Washington Post. He is also co-editor of the book “Educational Freedom in Urban America”.

    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    The American Known in North Korea

    • There have been several radio broadcasts into North Korea about me and my activities related to North Korea. In this speech I discuss lessons I have learned from working with North Korean refugees and why I don’t fear being targeted by the North Korean regime. I would like to inspire others to take practical action to get involved in a cause.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    Frederick Douglass: A Self-Made Man

    • Frederick Douglass was an american slave-turned-abolitionist, I discuss his major ideas and relevance today, especially in education.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    Hello Konglish! Helping North Korean refugees find their way and tell their stories”

    • North Korean refugees struggle with adjusting to the outside world after they escape from North Korea. Most of them move to South Korea because they struggle with a surprising barrier: English.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    Meet North Korean Refugees

    • Gain insight into the experiences of North Korean refugees by listening to their real-life stories.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    Idea and history of Harvard University: The Harvard University admissions process

    • Is everyone at Harvard a genius? No way! This examines the Harvard University admissions process and its strange, even racist orgins. This speech is always interesting for students applying for college.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    How to be a good volunteer

    • Not everyone is a good volunteer. This speech examines the ways some people are “lousy” volunteers but have the potential to become good volunteers.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    Storming the Bastille.

    • This speech examines the importance of committing to a cause in order to have an impact.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    Slavery, then, slavery now in North Korea

    • This speech draws parallels between slavery in the USA and oppression in North Korea today. This speech examines the need for educational freedom in the urban America and draws parallels with North Koreans escaping to freedom.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    Sowell Brothers: What’s the right thing to do?

    • This speech analyzes the economic ideas of economists Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell. It then analyzes and contrasts those ideas with those of professor Michael Sandel, whose writings are popular in Asia, especially Korea.


    Keynote by Speaker Casey Lartigue

    Why I won’t go to North Korea

    • I am often asked if I have visited North Korea. I explain reasons why I am against going to North Korea. I also cite both sides of the debate about visiting North Korea, including pro and con statements from NK refugees.
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