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Christer Holloman

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Author and Technology Trends Expert

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Apart from his contagious energy, entertaining and ‘aha’ filled presentations as the many testimonials confirms, what makes keynote speaker Christer Holloman unique as a speaker and moderator is that he lives and breathes real digital innovation and delivery for a living.

As author of the Amazon bestseller The Social Media MBA series, published by the world’s largest academic book publisher, Wiley, in multiple languages and Chairman of First Tuesday, the UK’s largest network for high growth technology companies and their investors, Chris is frequently invited to write for Sky News, The Guardian and GQ about how organisations can make the most of opportunities presented by new technologies.

What makes Holloman unique as a speaker is that he not only writes and talks about technology trends, but he regularly consults for major businesses and start-ups on how to take advantage and monetise these opportunities. This means he will not be providing theories, but instead tried and tested hands-on advice that will inspire and empower your delegates to take action.

Chris is currently launching Expedia founder Rich Barton’s new $90m start-up Glassdoor.com in Europe. Holloman was previously Head of Digital Product Development at The Times and The Sunday Times, responsible for award-winning apps and delivering new digital revenue streams.

Whether he is running a workshop, delivering a keynote, or acting as a moderator or panellist, his message is always tailored to the client, the audience and the desired overall outcome of the event. In presentations Chris will showcase the best business use of new technologies by taking the audience on a journey via outposts such as Silicon Valley start-ups, tech buzz words, emerging customer and workforce trends, what’s next for social media and more. All his talks are peppered with case studies and real life examples to bring the topic to life and illustrate the ROI for businesses, with clear calls to action throughout the presentation: “This is how you can leverage this insight!”

Holloman is regularly hired by event organisers to excite attendees with new ideas they can apply to their own business or department. Recent clients include brands such as Microsoft, VISA and Ogilvy; because he makes the rapid advances in technology comprehensible and relevant to a wider audience, delegates leave the room feeling great about the future!

Christer Holloman holds a BSc in Business and is currently completing his MBA at University of Oxford, is a member of the National Union of Journalists and certified Competent Communicator by Toastmaster International.

See keynotes with Christer Holloman

    Keynote by Speaker Christer Holloman

    The Future Of Social Media – B2C/B2B Monetisation, Strategy and Delivery

    Target Audience: Leaders of digital SME’s & corporates, any industry

    Almost every business today has a Facebook page and Twitter account but should they? It is time to take a step back and evaluate the success and revise the strategy to ensure social media works more effectively for you. In this session the audience will get new tools to evaluate and develop their strategy and delivery and new ideas for how to monetise these channels.

    Sample content:

    • Ways to improve your approach to social media strategy development and delivery
    • How to calculate your ROI of Social Media
    • How to create a socially connected enterprise
    • Inspiring examples
    • Case studies


    Keynote by Speaker Christer Holloman

    The Key Strategies Now Being Adopted By Successful Digital Entrepreneurs

    Intended target audience: Leaders of digital SME’s, any sector

    Get the helicopter overview as well as some deep dives into what agile and innovative SME’s are doing around the world to maintain their market growth in the current economic climate. This session is designed to share best practises and empower the audience with new ideas they can deploy in their own organisations.

    Sample content:

    • How to rethink sales and marketing from the ground up
    • Best way to assess your employee base for right-sizing and the right skill-set for future growth
    • Why partnering differently with channel participants can create new win-win relationships
    • Inspiring examples
    • Case studies


    Keynote by Speaker Christer Holloman

    The Most Important Digital Trends Right Now And What To Make Of Them

    Intended target audience: Leaders of digital SME’s & Corporates, any sector

    We know that the digital landscape is always evolving and that it is changing at an increasing speed. By staying informed you can stay ahead. This session will not only highlight the key trends at play but also methods to evaluate and leverage them in your business.

    Sample content:

    • How to translate trends in one industry to yours to get ahead
    • Evaluate trends relative importance for your business
    • Understand your position in today’s market, and anticipate how your customers’ buying behaviour will change going forward
    • Fortify your ideas so that you focus more on strategic initiatives instead of tactical necessities
    • Data science and “Big Data”


    Keynote by Speaker Christer Holloman

    Intrepreneurship – Creating A Culture Of Enterprise Entrepreneurship

    Target Audience: Corporates, any industry

    In this interactive presentation based on in-depth research Holloman will take you and your audience on a guided tour behind the scenes inside of some of the most innovative companies. You’ll discover their secrets for building innovation into a powerful source of growth, profits, and competitive advantage.

    Sample content:

    • Simple methods for dramatically improved thinking, decision-making and problem solving
    • Unconventional ways to turn innovation into a systematic, imbedded process, and be stimulated to take action in your firm.
    • Unleash innovative thinking in all departments and functional areas to challenge conventional procedures and processes
    • Inspiring examples
    • Case studies


    Keynote by Speaker Christer Holloman

    Holloman’s Inspiring Story – From The Garage To Gobal

    Target Audience: Leaders of digital SME’s & corporates, any industry

    Holloman stretched his entrepreneurial wings for the first time as a 10-year old when he attempted to become a retailer for LEGO. He started among other things a Rent-A-Santa operation and an advertising agency in his teens. His enterprising breakthrough came at the height of the IT boom in 2000 when he sold a local social networking site to an investor for an undisclosed amount only 6 months after he had launched it.

    This is the story of how Holloman went from projects in the garage to projects on a global scale with First Tuesday, his books and consulting work.

    Sample content:

    • How corporates respond to a 10 year old entrepreneur
    • Why Santa Clause is a lucrative franchise
    • Using school equipment to set up a business
    • Setting up a company while in the army
    • Inspiring examples


    Our Speaker Christer Holloman tailors topics and content to suit your overall objectives and desired outcome with industry specific case studies, data points and interactive exercises (as appropriate). The sessions can take the form or a keynote or master class (10-180 min). 


Interview with Christer Holloman

When and How did your interest in social media start?

Back in 2010 I was working for a division within The Daily Mail then called TDPG, now Zoopla Property Group, and I was asked to input on their social media strategy. During that process I realised that social media could redefine they way any business did business.

How do you see social media changing over the next few years?

The perception in the business community that social media is about outlets like Facebook and Twitter, but actually an approach to doing business. PwC has used an internal crowd souring platform the last 12 months to solicit input from consultants around the world to address client briefs. They are now talking about how they can package this as a new product and offer it to clients to use for themselves.

What types of clients have you worked with and helped through your keynotes?

Over the years I’ve met with 1000’s of business professionals in different industries, representing different departments, what unifies them is that technology and social is effecting every business professionals. The option is to ignore the impact of changes fuelled by technology innovations – or face it full on and learn as much about it as possible to discover how your business should respond to address it.

VISA invited me to address their key banking partners to talk about what consumer technology trends that are emerging and how that’s effecting their industry. The discussion served as inspiration for a whole day of activities focused around ensuring long term competitiveness.

ADP asked me to teach their senior sales executives on how to best use social media to source leads and close deals.

TARGETjobs invited me to talk to recruiters and senior HR managers about the changing behvaiours of the modern worker; attracting and retaining staff, mobile working, self actualisation, etc as driven by new technologies.

What types of events do you usually speak at?

Most frequently it’s a kick-off event of some sort, internally or externally, marking the beginning of a new quarter, a new product, new training program etc. In addition to that it’s usually larger trade shows, focusing on a special vertical like; Sales, HR, Technology, etc.

Can you talk about your latest book?

My new book is called The Social Media MBA in Practice (http://amzn.to/1cnWNlL) and the launch party was hosted by Google in London. It’s a sequel to my first book, The Social Media MBA, which became an Amazon bestseller in 2012. What makes this book unique is that it tells the story of one company embracing social media, each stop of the way told through the lens of a different company. In total there are 25 case studies each demonstrating the best business use of social media.

How do you work with clients to prepare your talks?

Usually we go on an initial call where the client explains the event, the format, audience, gives me context and outlines what they want to get from my session. We discuss some initial ideas and based on the discussion I go away and prepare a bespoke draft agenda. Either I email this to the client or we go on a 2nd call to discuss possible changes and agree the final outline. A week before the event I send the client the complete deck to give them a chance to once more review my presentation. If there is anything the clients wants to change we have plenty of time to do so during this week.

See keynotes with Christer Holloman
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