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Geoff Burch

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Best-selling author, commentator, business guru and regular contributor and presenter on radio and television

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Keynote speaker Geoff Burch, best selling author and business guru was voted ‘Business Communicator of the Year’ (2011) by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and is considered to be one of Europe’s most exciting and motivational business speakers. He has contributed to and presented on TV and radio programmes including hosting the popular ‘All Over the Shop’ programme on BBC2 about helping small businesses to survive.

Geoff Burch is an internationally renowned, best-selling business author, commentator and television presenter, and due to the success of his highly sought after and thought-provoking books, he is also in constant demand as a speaker.  Indeed, Geoff was recently voted ‘Business Communicator of 2011’ by the highly respected UK Speechwriters’ Guild.

Delighting audiences throughout the world he has been described by his clients as witty, erudite and enigmatic. Geoff is a remarkable raconteur whose unique and refreshing outlook on all manner of business topics has caused him to be hugely popular worldwide for his memorable and uplifting presentations, which have turned his name into a global brand.

His credentials are impressive, working extensively with the world’s major blue chip and FTSE 500 companies to inspire and motivate their people – his engaging presentations allowing him to deliver powerful business principles, key messages and new ideas, which are of use to everyone and can benefit all organizations of any size.

As a regular contributor and presenter on television and radio, Geoff is also the star of the recent hit business show on BBC television, All Over the Shop, which focused on small businesses helping them to survive and thrive.  His humorous style and easily explained advice worked well and created a strong following amongst the independent business community.

As a prolific writer, Geoff has many chart-topping business books published around the globe including; Resistance is Useless – the Art of Business Persuasion; Go It Alone – the Streetwise Secrets of Self Employment; Writing on the Wall; The Way of the Dog; Irresistible Persuasion; and his latest work, Self Made Me.

Hailed as the most original guru in the business, Geoff is most certainly a speaker with a difference.

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    Speaker Geoff Burch Keynote Topics

    • SALES – Intended for salespeople and/or non-salespeople, this presentation can show anybody the secrets of making our customers buy more.
    • EMPOWERMENT – This shows people that by taking personal responsibility they can make a difference and will also show leaders how to encourage this.
    • CHANGE – No one likes change, but this presentation shows people how to welcome it!
    • CUSTOMERS – Not as obvious as you would think. This presentation takes a sideways look at the customer service process and then shows us how to build genuine customer loyalty.
    • LEADERSHIP – “We can’t get the staff!” This shows how to get the best from the people you do have, getting even low performers keen to do well and gain your approval.
    • PSYCHOLOGY – The dark inner workings of the human mind – team or customer, when you understand them you can control them.
    • TEAMWORKING – This presentation is not just about working together, but also explains how to build a process that encourages combined effort for success.
    • AMBASSADORS OR ASSASSINS – Once everybody from the forklift driver to the finance director understands our core values, they can choose to be an ambassador or an assassin. This presentation helps them to make the right choice.
    • ENTREPRENEURIAL ORGANISATION – Just imagine if everyone in your whole organization shared your ambitions and helped to build your business and make you money. This will show them how.
Geoff Burch - video

The Salesman's Story by Geoff Burch at TEDxSalford

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Interview with Geoff Burch

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

What I hope to do is to bring new ideas, thoughts and tips, that my audience would not have thought of by themselves – otherwise what is the point of having an outside speaker. People are learning when they are having fun and sometimes it is just a matter of delivering my client’s message in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

To put it simply, meticulously! I like briefing calls, a visit to the client’s website, literature and publications. I am a bit obsessive about custom building my presentations for each individual client, to the point that i even want to know what they don’t want me to talk about to avoid any problems.

Who or what inspires you?

Lenny Bruce, because he used humour to deliver new and life changing thinking to his audiences. He used his observations of the world and then turned them into humerous anecdotes that changed the world he lived in.

How are your keynote presentations unique?

Every one of my keynote presentations is unique because they are prepared for each specific client. For this reason I don’t use powerpoint but I do interract and tune into my audience.

What are some tips for improving relationships with customers?

The first thing is to listen to them! Don’t treat them to robot speeches and genuinely empower your people to deliver the customers’ expectations.

How does psychology factor into business?

Psychology is one of my key tools. I am the son of a Viennese psychiatrist who told me that with the correct tools you could persuade anybody to do anything – something he seemed to be able to do with ease and is a very valuable secret to share with my audiences.

How does humor factor into your presentations?

Humour is at the heart of everything I do because if a humerous message can be attached to even the most important issues it becomes memorable. After all, you don’t have to be sombre to be serious.

How do you define successful teamwork?

It is all about hand-off. I am quite optimistic about people and think that they can work hard and intelligently, its just when they try to hand their work off to other people that trouble starts. The example I use is, if you had a roman galley ship and paid the supervisor of each side of rowers a bonus, the more efficient manager would be able to make his rowers row harder than the other. Result? The ship goes round in circles! Collaboration with a shared objective across every department is the only way.

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