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Simon Hazeldine

Best Selling Author, Sales & Negotiation Expert
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Simon Hazeldine is a Sales Performance expert who has the special talent to give your people an unforgettable wake-up call. He delivers powerful and impactful speeches and inspires extraordinary performance. He will improve your sales performance by delivering tomorrow’s sales thinking today.

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Simon Hazeldine is the bestselling author of five business books, which have been recommended  and endorsed by a host of business leaders including multi-billionaire business legend Michael Dell.

Simon’s field of expertise is Sales Performance. He combines his extensive business experience with in-depth knowledge gained through a Master’s Degree in Psychology.
He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management.

Simon Hazeldine gives clear and exemplifying speeches that enable exceptional performance. His methods will deliver improved bottom line results and teach the audience how to stay ahead of the competitors. He shows you how to drive and deliver exceptional results.

    Keynote by Speaker Simon Hazeldine 

    Neuro-Sell: How Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success

    In this keynote Simon Hazeldine shows you how to use a unique “brain friendly selling” process – his method for effective selling which  uses insights from neuroscience research to improve your sales. Simon will show you everything you need to know about the consumer’s brain functions when making buying decisions.

    Referring to:

    o    The structure your sales message

    o    The delivery of your sales message

    o    The impact of your sales message


    You will find out about what is really going on inside your customer’s head by reading the body language signals generated from the part of the brain that cannot lie!


    Keynote by Speaker Simon Hazeldine 

    Sales-Quake: The Five Destructive Shock Waves That Will Destroy the Foundations of Your Current Sales Success

    Simon Hazeldine’s powerful “Sales-Quake” keynote speech will give you an advance sneak preview into the future world of sales success. You’d better make sure you find out before your competitors do.

    You will get insights into:

    • Sale’s peoples new work reality
    • How to work with “creative destruction” and take advantage of it
    • The approaching death of direct selling
    • The necessary actions for success in the future
    • The future methods of motivating sales people


    Keynote by Speaker Simon Hazeldine 

    Bare Knuckle Selling: How to Give Your Business Profits a Dose of Steroids

    In his provocative and hard hitting keynote speech Simon Hazeldine will challenge his audience to become true leaders in their field by taking the gloves off and going bare knuckle with their competitors.
    Simon will disclose:

    • The 3 rules of successful selling – get these wrong and you will fail
    • The 2 psychological factors that you can use to make people buy
    • Discover the secret question that will stop you from annoying your customers and losing their business
    • 3 hypnotic selling techniques to weave into any selling situation
    • How to overcome your customer’s concerns with the 3F method
    • How to deal with price objections so that you can make more money
    • Finally revealed! The “Master Closing Method of the World’s Greatest Salespeople” – use it and join the selling elite
    • The 2A secret to stopping your competition from stealing your customers and clients


    Keynote by Speaker Simon Hazeldine 

    Bare Knuckle Negotiating: How to Give Your Business Profits a Dose of Steroids

    In business you don’t get what you deserve you get what you negotiate! In his dynamic and hard hitting keynote speech Simon Hazeldine will take you on an action packed journey through the negotiation process and along the way you will discover:

    • Why salespeople are not ideal negotiators
    • An effective five step negotiating process
    • How to deal with Power Ploys
    • Why the real work only starts after the negotiation has finished
    • How to guard yourself against sneaky negotiating tricks and dirty tactics.
    • How to give a little and gain a lot!
    • When to negotiate and when not to negotiate- get this wrong and it can get very expensive!
    • The magic negotiation formula that guarantees you a great deal
    • How to motivate the other party to deliver their end of the bargain
    • Why you should never ‘meet me halfway’
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