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Ian Hawkins

Ian Hawkins

Presenter, Author & Public Speaker
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Ian Hawkins is a confident and experienced lecturer and performer who knows what effective communication is. Ian Hawkins does corporate and educational events, speaking about leadership skill and the importance of good communication. Ian interacts naturally with the audience and brings charm and stage presence like no other.

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Keynote speaker Ian Hawkins is an award winning public speaker, presenter and author. Originally a writer for hit programmes ’The 11 o’clock Show’ ‘Loose Ends’ ’The News Quiz’ and ’The Now Show’, Ian branched out into writing material for headline comedians’ live performances, and coaching speakers from cabinet ministers to Olympic athletes.  As a stand up comedian, he has performed at the Edinburgh Festival, across the UK and in New York, and makes regular appearances on BBC Radio 2, BBC London and LBC.

For corporate and educational events, Ian Hawkins speaks on effective public speaking as a key leadership skill, and why – even for comedians – there is more to giving a speech than simply keeping an audience amused. For a business speech with a difference, Ian draws on his backstage experience in the world of stand up. Arguing that all comedians are entrepreneurs in a tough market, he gives insights on branding, teamwork, competition, customer service and leadership.

Ian’s ability to conduct interviews, interact with audiences, bring out themes and trends whilst holding the stage with authority make him a great all-rounder as a conference moderator. The vivacious speaker Ian Hawkins also brings enough energy, fun and a sense of humour to make him a great candidate for other events, including awards, product launches and cabaret. Ian is quick on his feet, brings charm and stage presence, and always does his homework to ensure that his performances are memorable for the right reasons.

As a righteous coach and speaker Ian Hawkins has seen behind the scenes of the corporate events industry, and understands precisely what clients, sponsors and audiences need from their host. He has worked with top talent from TV and radio, written awards and conference scripts, and is an experienced presenter in his own right.

Ian Hawkins’ book Insider Secrets of Public Speaking has been hailed as giving ‘good, clear, straight advice, exceptionally well-written’ (Matthew Parris), and ‘required reading’ for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking.

Our speaker Ian Hawkins is also the Head of Content of The Business Debate, for which he has produced 20 films for the BBC on British Businesses. Telling their individual stories and looking at how move forward in the future and in the landscape of Brexit.

    Speaker Ian Hawkins Keynote Topics

    • “The 3 Golden Principles of Public Speaking”
    • “Public Speaking: a key leadership skill”
    • “The after dinner speech”

Ian Hawkins’s Keynote Speaking Topics