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Speakers about generosity (6)

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Dr. Travis Bradberry

Expert & author on emotional intelligence talks about among others behavior, communication skills and conflict management

travels from USA

In today’s competitive world, each of us is looking for new and powerful ways to manage, adapt, and strike out ahead of the pack. Keynote speaker Travis Bradberry empowers audiences to do so by capitalizing on emotional intelligence. A...


Brock Tully

Inspirational speaker on kindness

travels from Canada

Keynote speaker Brock Tully is the founder of numerous projects that aim to spread kindness all around the world. The first person to bicycle around North America, he inspires with his own story, giving heart-warming keynotes about kindness,...


Caroline Adams Miller

Positive Psychology Expert, Coach & Speaker

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP has for almost 3 decades been an innovative pioneer within goal setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success. A leader in the field of Positive Psychology, she knows how it can be applied to...

Ole Kassow

Ole Kassow

Thought-leader, Founder & Innovator

travels from Denmark

Keynote speaker Ole Kassow is firm believer in the importance of strong values like good citizenship, kindness, and trust. The founder of a global movement, he continuously challenges conventional thinking with initiatives that create strong...


Kilian Wawoe

Consultant and Human Resource Specialist

travels from Netherlands

Keynote speaker Kilian Wawoe is a professional in the sections of human resources and banking. His moral integrity motivated him to leave the private bank sector and to reflect on money and happiness. He fascinates his audience with delightful talks...


Kathrine Aspaas

Author, Journalist and Economist

travels from Norway

With many years of experience as a journalist, economist and author, Kathrine Aspaas has made herself noticeable. Keynote speaker Kathrine Aspaas grew tired of the constant criticism in the media and set out on a mission to find generosity and...

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Teesside University

About Generosity

  • Generosity is an admirable quality. It is the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish. Often it also implies a willingness to help other people or present them with valuable things in the form of gifts or money, and not expecting anything in return. Generosity is also a common principle behind charity.
  • Generosity is not only based on one’s economic status, but instead includes the individual’s pure intentions of looking out for society’s common good and giving from the heart.
  • Generosity often reflects the individual’s passion to help others and is characterized by great kindness and thoughtfulness.
  • Keynote speakers will inspire others and highlight that generosity pays. Speakers have often explored generosity and kindness and try to exemplify this in their keynotes, hoping to encourage others to be generous.
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