LaDonna Gatlin

New Speaker: LaDonna Gatlin

We are proud to present LaDonna Gatlin. She is a born performer and has been on stage since the age of three. Being part of the Gatlin brothers, she grew up in the world of country and gospel music. She is a down to earth person with an engaging style. LaDonna knows how to connect with an audience. She mainly speaks to educators. 

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Ralph ArdillNew Speaker: Ralph Ardill

Ralph Ardill is the latest member of A-Speakers. We are glad to give him a warm welcome. Ralph Ardill is a Brand Transformer and a pioneer and authority in the field of creative branding. Ralph Ardill brings a powerful cocktail of management consulting, brand strategy, experience design and change management. He is a passionate speaker who captivates the audience and takes them on a action-orientated story. He makes people stop and listen.

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Dr. Christian BuschNew Speaker: Dr. Christian Busch

We are happy to welcome Dr. Christian Busch to our speakers. He is in the middle of an arising scientific career. Dr. Christian Busch regularly speaks at conferences like the World Economic Forum, TED and the Financial Times’ Sustainability Summit. His ideas and thoughts are inspiring and have been taken up by several scientific publications around the world.

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Chris BashinelliNew Speaker: Chris Bashinelli

Nat Geo Explorer and world traveler Chris Bashinelli is one of the latest additions to our network. Chris dicovers the world from a unique point of view and gives his audience an extraordinary experience when listening to him. Chris Bashinelli has shared the stage with people like Stevie Wonder, Dr. Jane Goodall and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

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Helen RusselNew Speaker: Helen Russell

We are proud to introduce bestselling author, journalist and speaker, Helen Russell. Helen Russell gives curious insight into the life as a foreigner in Scandinavia.‘A lovely mix of English sensibility and Danish pragmatism. Helen seems to have understood more about the Danish character than I have!’ Sandi Toksvig, BBC host and comedian. Her keynotes are entertaining and enriching.

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