Edo van SantenNew Speaker: Edo Van Santen

We are proud to introduce Elevator Pitch Expert and presentation trainer, Edo Van Santen. Edo van Santen has been able to inspire audiences to strive for greatness. He encourages people through his keynotes to go for the gold and his work experience enables him to teach others how to present fearlessly.

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New Speaker: Garry Kasparov

We are proud to represent chess lengend and inspirational speaker, Garry Kasparov. In 2005 Kasparov retired from professional chess in able to lead the pro-democracy opposition against the regime of Vladimir Putin. Kasparov inspires business groups around the world.

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Noemi KatznelsonNew Speaker: Neomi Katnelzon

We are proud to introduce our new speaker, Neomi Katnelzon. Noemi Katznelson is one of the most sought after speakers on subjects such as youth and education. Due to her extensive research on the subjects, she is able to motivate and educate audiences, so participants can gain greater knowledge on understanding todays youth.

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New Speaker: Lars Christiansen

We are proud to work with the Danish handball legend, Lars Christiansen. Lars Christiansen’s keynotes are the kind that stimulates great laughs and tears and inspires audience members.

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New Speaker: Bruce Dickinson

We are proud to work with the Iron Maiden lead singer, Bruce Dickinson. Bruce Dickinson is truly able to inspire and amaze audiences with his impressive stories and accomplishments.  

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