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Interview with Cheryl Cran

Strategic leadership expert Cheryl Cran has more than 20 years of consulting experience. In this fascinating interview, she gives her best tips on how to optimize collaboration in multi-generational teams and effectively navigate the challenges that face businesses today. Read more below.

What do you gain personally from being a keynote speaker?


I truly want to transform business through leadership and help businesses grow and thrive by helping leaders to lead in a way that engages and inspires others to work together for a common goal. Keynote speaking is an opportunity to provide energy, information, tools, new insights and some fun and I love the interaction with the audience. If I can provide one or two new ideas with a bunch of new insights then I feel like I have contributed on a big level. I love what I do.


What types of results do clients experience after your programmes and keynotes?


I have been keynoting for over 20 years and my testimonials from clients always say that my keynotes are eye opening, lots of good insights and tips, inspiring and practical ideas. People leave my keynotes with revived energy around their work and with practical ideas to go back and implement into their work right away.


Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?


I have so many – I have been blessed and honored to work with clients all over the world, my work in Italy was especially rewarding as well as the people that I get to meet and connect with globally. I love the overall experiences I have been able to have as a result of my speaking career.


What do you consider the biggest challenge facing businesses today?


Technology integration for optimal business while leading in a way that is evolutionary for business. Many companies are struggling with attracting and retaining top talent and it all comes back to leadership. Leaders need to ‘upgrade his or her operating system’ which includes thinking differently, leveraging technology and engaging people with more energy awareness.


Can you provide 3 tips for effective collaboration in multi-generational teams?


Generations intelligence is one component of being a master leader – I often share with my clients that there are multiple intelligences.

When it comes to the generations I would say that these tips are key:


1) Have a team session on the different perspectives that include different personalities and generations to increase awareness and appreciation of each other.

2) As an individual take the time to understand the values and approaches of each of the generations – often there is misunderstanding simply because of lack of awareness.

3) Communicate with a focus on the strengths and the gifts that each person on the team brings – often we focus on what the ‘differences’ are rather than what we have in common.


And a bonus tip – leverage technology to communicate with each other and use all forms of communication to increase success: face to face, email, instant messaging, texting, etc.


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