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Interview with David Neita

Lawyer & Poet, David Neita is widely regarded as one of the most engaging and informative social justice practitioners in London. In this interview he gives his insight into his speaking career and his three best tips for people struggling with creativity.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?


At an international conference I gave my talk on Beauty & Mental Wealth, and a significant number of the audience got in touch with me to say that prior to my talk they had never felt beautiful but after the session they were inspired and enabled to embrace their own beauty. This was a most satisfying and affirming moment for me.


What is the best piece of advice you have received?


“Be Yourself” and “Do You”. It is so important to be authentic in a world of empty platitudes and pretences. I believe we are at our greatest value when we are candidly our true selves.


Do you think poetry is misunderstood in modern society?


Poetry is greatly misunderstood, often seen as a frivolous hobby for the few. However, I believe poetry wants to avail itself to everyone to be used to heal those who read and write it and inspire those who fall under the sound and sensation of it.


What motivates you most?


I am motivated by the absolute thrill and joy of inspiring others and adding value to people’s lives.


Can you give three tips to individuals struggling with creativity?

  • Discover and embrace your inner and outer beauty and talents as you strive to honestly get to know yourself.
  • Engage with your gifts and talents and develop them and turn them into value for others as you practice the vocation you love.
  • Share your creative output with those close to you and to wider audiences and try to encourage others to discover their own creative values and share them too.

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